The desire to grow up or at least be tall is something on both men and women’s minds. From the beautiful runway models to the most successful businessmen, height would almost seem synonymous with success. While this obviously isn’t always the case, people do tend to look up to those who are taller, literally. Some people desire to be taller to ride the newest roller coaster or newest fair ride. Others want to be taller out of fear of being a late bloomer or simply from being bullied. After all, no one likes being called the little guy or girl their whole life or looked down on. No matter the reason there is a right way to help your body grow. Continue reading to learn about the best natural ways to grow faster…


Growing Tall: Disclaimer

While it is possible to boost your height, there are still limitations you should be aware of. One is genetics. If your family is predominantly short on both sides, you will most likely be short as well. If you have some tall family members and some short family members, then you have some room for potential growth. But don’t be disappointed if you inherited your uncle or aunt’s short height.

Another factor to consider is gender and hormones. Males tend to be taller than females; this is mainly due to more testosterone in a male’s body compared to a female’s estrogen dominant body. Growth and thyroid hormones are the other ones you will want to pay attention to as well.

Sudden spikes in growth that exceed normal increments will need to be looked at by a doctor to ensure that you are not suffering from a pituitary tumor or worse. If you aren’t growing at all or are growing at a far slower pace than other members in your age group, this is also a sign that must be evaluated by a doctor.

Sometimes height problems are a symptom of a medical problem, but not always. Sometimes people are simply late bloomers and are perfectly healthy individuals.


Make Time to Exercise

Exercise boosts growth in muscles, nervous tissue, and bones. Take at least 30 minutes to an hour each day and practice healthy exercises for your body. Try a new sport, go for a swim or climb your favorite tree. Any exercise is better than no exercise.


Proper Nutrition for Growth

Calcium, protein, vitamin D, zinc and many other vitamins and minerals are all necessary for a healthy growing body. Eat your vegetables and don’t skimp out on those awesome micronutrients. You will grow like a string bean soon enough with proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet.

If you feel like you can’t get the necessary nutrition for your goals, talk to a doctor about whether you should take a multivitamin or not.

Avoid too much caffeine, sugar, processed foods, and other unhealthy additives as these can negatively affect your body and your ability to grow.


Yoga and Other Proper Stretches

Stretches and yoga can help the body decompress the spine, warm up your joints, and prepare your body to handle any physical activities throughout the day. Take at least ten minutes every morning and night to stretch. This will also help your flexibility and improve circulation in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. For a list of flexible exercises, you can click here.


Practice Proper Body Posture

Posture is something that often goes ignored. Even those who have fully developed can benefit from proper body posture. Not only will you look taller you will also feel better, breath better, and even think better too!

Proper posture can even help boost confidence and help you feel better about your body. It is proven that people who hunch tend to have low self-esteem, so lift yourself and your spirits with this simple method.


Get Your Beauty Sleep

As you go through adolescence and into puberty, your body will make many changes. Some of these changes occur even when you sleep. HGH is one of the many hormones that is produced as you sleep. So when your parents tell you to go to bed on time, they are helping you reach your height goals.


Change the Way You Dress and Your Hairstyle

Hairstyles and clothes can affect how people perceive your height. Use well-fitted clothes that elongate your overall appearance. Try colors that slim down your appearance along with vertical stripes. Shorter hairstyles will make you look taller compared to long hairstyles.

While high heels will add inches, they are impractical and awful for your feet, legs, and spine since you are placing the foot in an improper anatomical position. This, in turn, strains the entire kinetic chain of your leg.


Acceptance and Patience – A Key Factor In The Natural Ways To Grow Faster

If you are still in your teens, you will have plenty of time to grow. People often don’t stop growing until late teens or early twenties in some cases. Puberty can be delayed in individuals who suffer from obesity.

Sometimes we are simply meant to be small. This is perfectly okay!

There are many excellent examples of successful short people just as there are tall. Take Bruce Lee who was shockingly only 5’7” which is relatively short for a man. This man was a top martial artist of his day. So even the shortest of us can be amazing too!

For women, if your goal is to model, there are such things as petite models, and many actresses, politicians, doctors, soldiers, lawyers and so on are petite as well. In fact, more women are considered small.

No matter what height you are or wish to be, the best growth of all is within the mind. Growing your mind, body, emotional intelligence, and soul is what makes a wonderful human being.

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