The primary way that you should start thinking about new cell growth is stimulating collagen and promoting cell repair. Stem cells are also becoming a hot topic in biology and medicine because they appear to have a few unique implications for cell repair.

Before getting in to the importance of stem cells, which will be done in a little bit, you should know that stem cells have the ability to repair and regenerate damaged tissue throughout the body in a revolutionary way. Let’s start with collagen in understanding tissues.

Collagen Throughout the Body

Collagen is actually the most prevalent protein found in the body, and you can find collagen in everything from tendons and ligaments to actual fat in the body. Therefore, collagen underlies a lot of different cells in the body, and, because of its connection to protein, collagen is needed for new cell growth.

Cells that contain a lot of collagen take on a youthful appearance. That’s because these cells are actually stronger on an elemental level.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that you can get in generous amounts from many different kinds of berries and cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower. A chemical found in vitamin C known as hyaluronic acid has been associated with quicker recovery following workouts and injuries. This acid has also been associated with relieving joint pain in clinical trials.

There’s a collagen tie-in with vitamin C as well in the sense that there’s now mounting evidence in the scientific community that consuming more hyaluronic acid, found in high concentrations in foods that contain vitamin C, is correlated with greater collagen production throughout the human body. The implications for recovery and cell repair are vast since increasing hyaluronic acid can help with collagen production, recovery, and cellular repair on a granular level.

Increase Stem Cell Production

Stem cells are so important for recovery because stem cells are special human cells that can develop into a host of many different kinds of cells throughout the body. The implications for healing are thus – stem cells can rush to the body and aid in the repair of diverse types of cell damage.

Stem cell services have started showing real promise in that medical techniques like ESC derivation, cell differentiation, and genome editing can dramatically hasten recovery by aiding cells at a very basic level.

Stem cell treatments, dietary changes, and building up collagen are essential steps to promoting new cell growth.

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