In recent years the medical community has made measurable advancements in Epilepsy treatments. Mainstream Epilepsy medicine works and is used by board-certified doctors for their patients care. Recently, alternative treatments for Epilepsy are available like medical marijuana and CBD oil.

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved a cannabis-based medication for Epilepsy called Epidiolex. This CBD rich drug can reduce seizure intensity, and duration with little, to no side-effects. Unlike traditional Epilepsy medications that can cause debilitating side-effects.

Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy

There has been a lot of interest in how marijuana can help treat Epilepsy. We know that naturally occurring cannabinoids like THC and CBD have profound effects on the human brain. Especially in affecting seizures in Epilepsy, and Parkinson’s patients. Both cannabinoids work systematically by interacting with CB1, and CB2 receptors in the body. This interaction is known to reduce many contibuting factors of seizures.

What The Experts Are Saying?

With trusted sources, doing extensive research on alternative treatments for Epilepsy, the information is solid. According to, severe Epilepsy patients suffering from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome were treated with CBD derived Epidiolex. Over the trial patients taking CBD experienced a reduction of seizure intensity and duration. They also effectively concluded that patients did not have any measurable, negative, side effects.

Another study by the New England Journal Of Medicine showed a 40% to 70% reduction of seizures with patients treated with CBD derived, Epidiolex. The results also showed that all patients taking this medication had little to no negative side effects.

According to Premier Neurology Center, based in Stuart Florida, Epilepsy patients can effectively treat symptoms with traditional medications, and in some cases use medical marijuana. Each patient is different and will require a customized treatment plan, to fit their specific healthcare needs. Premier Neurology Center offers both traditional, and alternative Epilepsy treatments to qualified patients.


There is compelling evidence, by trusted sources, about what medical marijuana and CBD treatments can do for Epilepsy patients. The facts show that it can help reduce the worst seizures intensity, and duration, while being side effect free.

Without a doubt anyone with Epilepsy should be under the care of a certified physician, to ensure proper diagnosis and treatments.

Evidence shows that traditional Epilepsy medicine and treatments work and can be used with medical marijuana, to improve quality of life. Both cannabinoids can help, but CBD is helping Epilepsy patients the most!

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