Sciatica is the name for pain generated down the sciatic nerve. Pain and tingling are usually felt on one side of the body, down the buttocks and into the leg. There can be a number of causes for this condition, such as a herniated disc or bone spurs. It is rarely serious but the pain can be substantial. Try these remedies if you are experiencing significant sciatica pain.

Over-The-Counter Pain Medication

The first thing sufferers of sciatica pain can try is simple over-the-counter pain medications. Remember that these drugs can come with side effects, so it is important not to take them too often. For example, NSAIDs can cause stomach issues and raise blood pressure. If you aren’t sure how an over-the-counter medication might clash with other medications or conditions, it’s best to ask your doctor.

Application of Hot and Cold

Nerve pain generally responds well to the application of hot and cold to the affected area. Sometimes one will be more effective than the other, while at other times using them interchangeably will bring about a significant reduction in pain. Each individual will need to experiment and find out what arrangement brings them the most relief.

Perform Stretches

There are a number of stretches that can help with sciatica pain relief. Common yoga poses such as the pigeon poses where you bend one leg and stretch the other out work to open the hips and gently loosen affected areas. Exercises that stretch the spine and the hips can help relieve pressure on the nerve and relieve pain.

Go to A Chiropractor

Going to a burgman chiropractic clinic as another effective method to relieve severe sciatica pain. A chiropractor will consult with you to determine the source of your pain before suggesting a treatment plan. The chiropractor will then manipulate your body, particularly your legs, hips and back, possibly over a number of sessions, to adjust herniated discs or other causes of a pinched nerve back into place.


It is important not to do anything strenuous while suffering from sciatica pain, though you likely won’t feel up to it anyway. Still, be gentle on your body and allow it to rest. Get plenty of sleep, as sleep is when the body works to repair itself. Getting adequate rest will help the nerve heal itself faster.

Sciatica pain can be severe, but will usually resolve on its own within a few weeks. If it doesn’t go away, is debilitatingly painful or you experience other troubling symptoms, it’s worth it to consult your doctor. It’s one pain in the butt that you have a few ways to lessen.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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