You’ve probably heard how using and setting “SMART” can be effective. That means goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Those work fine, but another key to achieving your fitness aims is to incorporate affirmations that work for you.

Handbook affirmations are “powerful and short words meant to improve and affect your subconscious reactions to attract more success in various areas of your life” according to the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project. “Creating affirmations helps to bring you into a more positive state of mind. It allows us to be kinder to ourselves, our bodies and our habits,” Lynndell Popoff, a personal trainer, said.

These are just a few examples:


  1. I choose to honor my beauty, my body and my strength today.
  2. I’m completely in control of my life including what I do, what I eat and how I feel.
  3. The power to realize any goal I set my mind to is already within me.
  4. I’m not afraid of failing and I’m drawn and committed to success like a magnet.
  5. I’m a confident, strong and unstoppable person.


Popoff reminded us how much words can influence our minds, bodies and fitness performance in general. Commit yourself to 3-5 affirmations before embarking on your fitness journey and keep them up to date throughout the process.

“Affirmations put you on the path of success,” Daniel Wasyliw, LBD organizer, mentioned. “Nutrition and fitness are both mental games. You’re going to want to give yourself the proper habits to reinforce successful behaviors.”

“The affirmations you choose on week 1 of any program is going to be different than during weeks 3 or 6,” noted Wasyliw.

A powerful means of structuring our thoughts and transforming our visions into tangible results is by using strong positive affirmations.


Proper Positive Affirmation Application

A positive affirmation entails speaking a statement based on yourself about a potential goal you’re motivated to accomplish. It’s a pre-planned aspirational phrase to present to your mind in a way as if it’s been achieved. You offer it to your mind in the present tense instead of future tense.

Your goal is logically in the future, but successful mental programming mandates that stating it like it’s already realized has the best impacts. This is a powerful strategy to avoid or correct old negative thought loops still running in your mind.

Negative thoughts often play themselves in our head through no choice of our own. They’re the origin of all self-limitations, fears, inhibitions and frustrations in our lives. Contrarily, health, self-esteem, relationships, physical abilities and performance can be influenced by positively repetitions of an affirmation or positive belief.

A positive affirmation develops more of an attitude or posture that implies “I can do this!”. It’s a carefully worded positive phrase that gives our behaviors constructive guidance during our fitness journeys. It gives us the power to change old limiting beliefs with new creative statements that help us manifest our dreams.

Words are a great tool to transform our daily perceptions. In turn, our actions change towards more positive behaviors. The body and the mind communicate so closely together that the body can’t tell the difference between a phrase or image that’s real or imagined.


Bottom Line

That means when your mind imagines an uplifting image, your nervous system can experience the image as if it was occurring in real-time. A lot of the time our actions are mirrors of what we picture in our mind, so paying attention to helpful words and thoughts determines our success.

We use positive affirmations most often when we’re helping our clients get accustomed to Le-Vel Thrive. We encourage them to run empowering self-statements through their minds such as, “I am healthy, fit, strong and full of enthusiasm.” Repeating a mantra throughout a workout like “focused, strong, dedicated or motivated” is also beneficial.

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