Pre roll boxes commonly called pre-made joints are the most common method to use marijuana. Pre roll boxes occupy a prominent position in dispensaries as they are in much demand due to their convenient usage. But nowhere the question is how consumers will know which brand to buy and why?

Well, packaging boxes are the only way to convince customers as they differentiate your pre-roll from others. Custom boxes wholesale come in various sizes, layout, and styles. They can be made in any shape like rectangular, cylindrical, or hexagonal. The pre roll manufacturer has a free hand to choose their desired box however two types of boxes are widely used due to their numerous benefits.

  1. Slider box
  2. Flip top box.

Let’s say a brief hello to both types.

Slider boxes:

Two pieces boxes where the inner part slides out of cover just like a drawer is called a slider box. The slide is used to place the pre roll packaging and is then covered by the outer box. 

When customers pull out the slide to take pre-roll out, customers would be stunned to see the elegant sliding box. Slider boxes are usually associated with high end brands therefore this box will lure customers to try your pre-roll. In today’s fast and fashionable world everyone wants to use high end brands. Customers love such a brand that makes their products look valuable by packaging. Slider boxes can be crafted in any size, shape, and any material. Eco-friendly pre-roll slider boxes are trending due to their environment friendly and durable nature. Slider boxes are child resistant which means our children are well protected from accidentally using cannabis. Child proof pre roll packaging are also a basic requirement by state so these boxes will save you from legal litigations. Slider boxes are rigid and can be made with any type of inserts that make them perfect for safely storing your pre-rolls.

Flip top box:

Like bath bomb packaging and Flip-top give pre-roll a sumptuous look. These boxes have a top that can be opened by being flipped. The top flap can be opened and closed and it ensures the secure closure box. This makes the box child-resistant. This box keeps your pre-roll intact and will preserve the quality because of sturdy material. These boxes with hinged lid make them best for commercial storage of pre-roll. Customers love to use these boxes as every time customers open the box they get the original quality pre-roll. Custom flip top boxes promote your pre-roll brand in an impactful and charming way. These boxes along with the brand logo leave an everlasting impression on customers’ minds and add glam to your pre-rolls. Custom flip top boxes induce an urge in customer to buy your products which increase your loyal customer’s base

Whatever cannabis packaging box you use for your pre-rolls out of the above two, just make sure to personalize it with attractive aesthetics and bold logos. Customers would be amazed and your business will become the best brand of pre-rolls. Both of the above options are very economical so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

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