Uterine fibroids is among the most common tumor that occurs in women of different ages. In most cases, they are not dangerous but can cause problems with fertility. In any case, they need to be treated or at least monitored.

Home remedies won’t help dissolving big fibroids but they can slow down or completely stop the growth of the tumor. Here are the most helpful recipes to try at home. Try one of them to see if it will help improve your fibroid condition.


The appearance of uterine fibroids is connected with hormonal imbalance. Flaxseeds contain anti-estrogens that help normalize the hormonal balance. In addition, flaxseeds are known to be an effective prevention method of fibroid malignization and has anti-inflammation properties.

  • Pour 500 ml boiling water on 4 tsps. of flaxseeds
  • Boil it on a slow fire, mixing periodically
  • Take ½ glass of the remedy 3-4 times a day

Raw potato juice

Raw potato juice is a very powerful natural remedy with a wide specter of actions. It is effective in healing wounds, relieving pain, cramps and inflammation. It is also know to have a diuretic action, normalize the metabolism, and strengthen the immunity. The juice of young potatoes works best. Old potatoes collect toxins and don’t work as good for treatment.

  • Wash the potatoes carefully
  • Mince them to get the juice and gather it
  • Use it right away; the juice cannot be stored
  • Take 100 ml in the morning on an empty stomach

You can’t take potato juice if you have diabetes or gastrointestinal diseases. For those who have these, the next remedy can replace the potato juice treatment.

Potato flower solution

The flowers of potato are also a useful remedy. It is important to collect them in the morning to achieve the best effect fom treatment.

  • Dry the collected flowers in a shadow
  • Grate the dry flowers
  • Pour 2 glasses of boiling water into 2 tsps. of flowers
  • Hold under a lid for 2 hrs.
  • Take 1 tbsp. three times a day before meals during the course of a month


People used to treat numerous diseases with the help of leeches for many centuries. Their saliva helps balance the female hormones thanks to its unique properties. In addition, leeches help dilute blood and avoid its stagnation in pelvic organs, boost the immunity, and relieve the inflammation.

You should feel relief after ten procedures with 3-10 leeches. If you have malignant tumors, hemophilia, anemia, or you are pregnant, leeches is not an option. There can also be individual resistance towards this treatment.

Remember – if you tried all home remedies with no luck and the tumor continues to grow, then you might need the help of a doctor. Find a good fibroid specialist and tell him or her, what home remedies you have tried, and how long did the treatment take.

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