Known as the pasque flower, the Pulsatilla homeopathic remedy is made from a beautiful purple flower that grows in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Although it may look innocent, the flower is actually acrid and poisonous, if eaten in it’s original, non-homeopathic form. Nicknamed the “flower of sickness,” the Romans hung these flowers on their doorposts believing that it warded off fevers.

The flower has no scent and grows in sandy areas. It is also pollinated by the wind, hence another nickname: the windflower.

In homeopathic form the flower is used as a tincture.

Here’s a great video of homeopath Misha Norland, who presents a very accurate remedy picture of the typical Pulsatilla patient:



Mind Symptoms

Pulsatilla can be quickly changeable.


They can’t settle with something or someone.

Extreme, clingy attachments to one or more people, which could sometimes be unhealthy.

Flattering and delightful.

Her emotions are on display.

Weeping, tearful, bursting into tears.

Changeability, weepiness and clinginess are key characteristics.

Will have the same Pulsitilla behavior in both chronic and acute conditions.

They will often sleep on their back with their arms above their heads and feet spread wide.

They marry a strong man, Nux Vomica-like type of man.

Generally a soft woman. Yielding but also has an angry or jealous side.

Feels forsaken.

Changeability in personality.

Better from consolation.

Eager to please.

Very sympathetic and very affectionate.

Pulsitilla can turn a breached baby.

Laughs and cries easily.

Irritable easily and very sensitive.

Delusions: sees bees and insects.


Physical Symptoms


Better by gentle motion.

Better for open air.

Immensely affected by even a slight breeze.

Snotty face.

Thick yellow-green discharges.


Flushes up.

They tend to have lots of headaches.

Good for UTI’s and involuntary urination.

For men: lots of inflammations, prostate issues, swollen glands.

Premenstrual issues. Aggravated by menses and can get weepy before menses.

Bearing down pains. Good for false contractions and can strengthen proper contractions.

Great for styes and conjunctivitis.

Lots of eye symptoms (irritations, burning, gunk, etc.).

Likes cakes, ice creams, fatty foods and they’re worse from them.



Acute Conditions

Hay fever.

Chicken pox.

#1 bronchitis remedy, especially for children.

Ear infections.

Sore throats.



Flu along with bland discharges, sneezing, and pink eye.


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