Being a parent is an amazing experience, isn’t it? However, no matter if you have one child or a little army behind you, sometimes all you want to do is start screaming under all that stress and pressure. Still, don’t wait until you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but make sure to try out these practical chill-out tips for stressed moms.

Take a break

Take a break

When you feel seriously overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to take a breather. A brief stress break is often all you need to cool off and get a new perspective. For instance, put a “do not disturb” sign on your bedroom door, play some chill music and just unwind. This can become a new rule in your family. Every time someone needs alone time to re-center, give them time and privacy. Use a “time out pass” every time you or someone from your family needs to decompress and you’ll avoid many arguments and crying fits.

Try meditation

Try meditation

Don’t think you have to be a Buddhist monk to benefit from meditation. A short meditation session is a proven way to monitor stress, relieve tension and allow your body and mind to relax. Start by finding a comfy place to sit; inhale slowly, count to five and slowly breathe out. It’s that easy! Repeat your breathing exercises and you’ll be feeling Zen in no time. Plus, this is a great exercise to try with your children as well. Guide them through your short meditation and you’ll all be a much happier and healthier family.

Have an outing 

Physical activity is a great way to keep stress at bay. Even light activities like walking or cycling outdoors will instantly make your stress melt away. You can go alone, with a fellow mom, or even take your kids. Just grab a practical nappy bag, fill it with necessities for a few hours and go out to chill. When you have everything at hand, you can have a relaxing walk or bike ride and come back home rejuvenated. Plus, physical activity will tire out your little ones, so there will be no issues with bedtime!

Have a good laugh

Have a good laugh

Laughing, smiling and giggling with your family and friends can be a great way to unwind and relieve some of that tension we tend to hold in our faces. So, make sure to find a way to add some fun into your lives and create great family memories. For instance, play a fun movie, celebrate your pet’s birthday, have an opposite day or just have a tickle party. Let loose, laugh your head off and you’ll feel instantly rejuvenated!

Go out with your friends

New moms tend to devote so much time to their kids that they totally neglect their social needs. No matter if you feel like dancing or just sipping some wine with your girlfriends, make sure to give them a call from time to time and restore some balance to your life. Try not to talk about your children for an evening and just devote attention to each other, be supportive and have a few laughs. Just because you’re a mother, that doesn’t mean you can’t also be a good friend.

Spend time with your partner

Spend time with your partner

Regular date nights are an awesome way to de-stress. You don’t have to organize anything special like expensive dinner and a hotel. Cheap date ideas like a light walk in the park, a romantic movie in the cinema or even sitting in your car in the driveway are all you need. Just you and your partner, holding hands and a few whispered sweet nothings will definitely help you relax.

You can’t take good care of your family when you’re neglecting your health and happiness. So, give yourself plenty of time to relax and unwind and you’ll be a loving, caring and cool mommy!

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