Relieve Your Toothache at Home with These Simple Tips

Toothaches are one of the most terrible pains in the world. Of course, if you have a severe dental disease, you definitely need to consult your dentist about it. But there are times when a doctor is impossible to reach, and the pain is unbearable and needs to be relieved to stop your sufferings. Here are some tips to help relieve your pain at home until you’re able to visit a dentist.


Keep It Clean

As soon as you feel the pain, it is very important to remove everything that can make it worse. Stop eating and clean your teeth – food particles are irritants that stimulate the nerve endings and provoke pain.


Freeze It

An ice cube will help you relieve the pain for a while. Put it at the place of pain and soon you will feel the pain become more bearable. If you suffer from increased teeth sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures, this tip is probably not for you.


Disinfect It

If you have some vodka at your home bar, it can help. We’re not recommending you to take a drink to forget your pain, but vodka will disinfect the tooth and reduce pain. Put a little bit of it on your sick tooth and soon you’ll feel relief.


Get Up

When people get a toothache, they tend to want to lay down, but don’t. The horizontal position of your body boosts blood circulation in the tissues around your teeth. This blood will press on your sore tooth and increase your pain. Get up and do something to get distracted, this will help more.


Use the Power of Phytoncide

You will need garlic, onion, and salt. Mince onion with garlic, and then add some salt and mix. Put this mixture on your sore tooth and cover it with a cotton pad. The salt will provoke an outflow of the effusions, and the phytoncides in onion and garlic will kill any bacteria.


Rinse It

The good old rinse trick can reduce pain and inflammation. Place a teaspoon of baking soda into a  glass of warm water and rinse your mouth with it. This recipe has been around for many generations and even now has a reputation as one of the best remedies against a toothache.


Relieve Your Toothache, But Don’t Forget…

Remember! Your teeth hurt for a reason, even if you are able to successfully cope with your pain at home, it’s still a good idea to visit a dentist to see the root cause of your pain.  


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