My post regarding Xlear’s nasal spray as well as my favorite xylitol sugar product emphasized the fact that the key ingredient in the spray is xylitol. Here’s a brief review of the effectiveness of the xylitol health benefits:

  • Xylitol is an all natural sugar alcohol found in fruits and vegetables, and it is produced minimally by the human body.
  • It’s the main ingredient in Xlear’s nasal spray.
  • It actually cleans, moisturizes, and rinses away nasal congestion.
  • It’s also able to totally wipe away other pollutants and allergy causing substances that may also be in your nasal passages.
  • Xylitol is also used to make healthier alternatives for toothpastes, sweeteners, and other products as well.Xylitol Health Benefits

During the past several decades, ALOT of research has been carried out to test the effectiveness of xylitol in treating nasal, dental, and other health issues.

Astonishingly, the majority of research validates xylitol health products and has even recommended its usage in these items over today’s more conventional products.

Here is some of the research that has shown xylitol’s usefulness in overall healthcare:


Study #1

Researchers Ly, Milgrom, Rothen, Marilynn

Year: 2006

Xylitol Health BenefitsPublication:  Pediatric Dentistry

Participants: The authors of this article wrote a review of all of the research until their present date [2006] in which they reviewed all clinical trials and research on the efficacy of xylitol
toothpastes and sweeteners in dental care. They also reviewed other similar sweeteners.

: Based on the above mentioned extensive research, the research authors concluded that xylitol is proven to be effective in destroying the unclean bacteria found in plaque and saliva that leads to tooth decay, as well as in fighting cavities.

They also strongly encouraged clinicians and dentists to use and promote xylitol products, due to its dental effectiveness.

SourcePediatric Dentistry, Volume 28, Number 2, March/April 2006, pp. 154-163(10)



Study #2


ResearchersJoseph ZabnerMichael P. SeilerJanice L. Launspach, Philip H. KarpWilliam R. KearneyDwight C. LookJeffrey J. Smith, and Michael J. Welsh

Year: 2000

Publication: P.N.A.S.

Participants: 21 healthy people. 10 men and 11 women aged between 20-52 years.

Results: After conducting a 4 day, randomized, double-blind trial in which both a regular saline spray and a xylitol spray were used to combat nasal congestion in both nostrils of each participant was sprayed, the study found that the xylitol spray better relieved nasal congestion than the regular saline spray.

Source: P.N.A.S. vol. 97, no. 21, Joseph Zabner,  11614–11619


Xylitol Health Benefits


Study #3

Researchers: Renowned medical microbiologist Carolyn Pierini, CLS CNC

Year: 2001

Publication: History

Participants: Clinical reviews of several studies and dental research journals

Results: Based on her research and finings, Pierini concluded the following regarding xylitol:

Xylitol Health Benefits

Xylitol can even help increase energy and shed pounds!!

  • Significantly prevents plaque and dental cavities by 80%
  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Increases saliva production
  • Relieves dry mouth
  • Protects salivary proteins, has a protein-stabilizing effect
  • Improves breath odor
  • Reduces infections in the mouth and nasopharynx
  • Excellent taste and sweetness
  • Low calorie
  • Very low glycemic index
  • Minimal effect on blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Major energy booster
  • Lowers serum free fatty acid levels and improves peripheral glucoseutilization
  • Promotes absorption of Vitamin B and calcium
  • Lowers the urging for eating carbs and binge eating
  • Aids in physical endurance and weight loss

Source: Pierini, C., & CNC, C. (2001). Xylitol: A sweet alternative. Unique sweetener reduces tooth decay.

Her sources are included in there as well.


Study #4

Dr. Devin McClean is a well known holistic physician and chiropractor who recommends xylitol for nasal congestion, especially Xlear’s nasal spray:



Study #5

Researchers: Joshua D. Weissman MD, Francisca Fernandez MD and Peter H. Hwang MD

Year: 2011

Publication: The Laryngoscope

Participants: 20 patients participated in a “randomized, double-blinded, controlled crossover pilot study.” The study compared the efficacy of xylitol nasal sprays vs regular saline nasal sprays.

Results: After 10 days of clinical trials, the xylitol participants experienced tremendous nasal relief from the xylitol, unlike their saline counterparts who actually felt worse. One xylitol patient experienced very minor, temporary stinging sensations in the nose.

SourceWeissman, J. D., Fernandez, F., & Hwang, P. H. (2011). Xylitol nasal irrigation in the management of chronic rhinosinusitis: a pilot study. The Laryngoscope121(11), 2468-2472.



Summary: Xylitol Health Benefits Are Real

There is a lot of research to prove that xylitol is healthy for you and it has a lot of health benefits, no matter how you use it.

To see my favorite xylitol products and my experience in using them, click here and here.

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