Do you suffer from anxiety or stress? If so, you’re not alone. Anxiety and stress have recently become a common problem these days due to the multiple stresses of life. Thankfully, a few natural ingredients and scents can help you relax without drugs if your life has become too stressful.


The chamomile plant has tiny white flowers that can get dried and used as a tea. It also has a gentle floral scent that seems to get in a person’s head and help them relax. Two species of chamomile exist. Most people find German chamomile to be the most available variety to find and use.

On top of being relaxing to drink as tea and use as an essential oil, some of the other properties of using chamomile include:

-Soothing nerves.

-Relieving inflammation.

-Helping a person with depression.

-Enabling people to sleep better.

Studies continue to determine precisely how chamomile works to calm your nerves.

Prepackaged tea remains the easiest way to consume chamomile. Or you can use about three to four tablespoons of dried, loose chamomile and steep the chamomile in hot water for about five minutes. You can also take chamomile in supplement form. Chamomile essential oil remains a soothing scent to apply during times of stress, too.


The Lavandula Angustifolia or lavender plant has been used for generations to help people with mild anxiety issues. Lavender can also be used to treat fungal infections, allergies, nausea, and menstrual cramps. The added benefit to using this plant for anxiety remains that it smells great. One study done in 2005 found that when people breathed in lavender’s scent, they experienced less anxiety and had an improvement in mood, too. Other studies have been done that show that lavender reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, though scientists don’t know why this phenomenon occurs.


Bergamot, which is a small, orange-like fruit, has been long used to reduce feelings of anxiety in people. Preclinical studies examined the behavior of rats under various tests and maze tests when bergamot was used, and it seemed to relax the animals. Further testing remains necessary before scientists can declare bergamot and bergamot oil as a scientific aid to treating anxiety.


Science hasn’t proven that valerian works to treat anxiety. However, valerian has been used for thousands of years to lessen anxiety, relieve feelings of stress, and insomnia. A recommended amount of valerian remains between 400 and 900 milligrams to help relax you.


CBD has been gaining popularity in recent years. Studies have shown that cannabidiol in CBD reduces symptoms of anxiety. There are several ways to take CBD. Shops like, Mary’s Nutritionals, are easy to find nowadays and provide products like bath bombs, capsules, and oils for anxiety relief.

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