Nowhere is our age more apparent than on our face skin. The slowing down of aging of the skin on the face is a priority for men and women alike. A radiant complexion is what every person aims for and it would be ideal if it could be attained without expensive cosmetic treatments.

Luckily, there are many natural methods we can use to rejuvenate the skin on our face and the rest of the body. From exfoliation to timing the application of skincare products, the following methods are completely natural and generally affordable.

Exfoliate your skin often

The worst way you can look after your skin is to scrub it hard using a rough cloth. You risk damaging the epidermis so it is better to exfoliate. Daily light exfoliation using a nonirritating acid toner or cleanser helps remove dead cells from the surface of the skin without damaging deeper layers of the skin. Once the dead cells are gone, the skin will have a smoother texture and an increased absorption rate of all the natural skin products we list below.

A natural source of collagen

You are probably aware that collagen is important for the youthful look of your face but did you know that this protein is abundant in the entire body, not just the face? Regardless of this fact, aging causes collagen levels to drop significantly so our face skin sags as we grow older.

The magic behind collagen has to do with amino acids, which promote healthy hair, nails, and skin. That is why the natural collagen supplements you choose should be loaded with amino-acids. Your body will absorb these supplements that aid the skin’s cellular renewal process. Essentially, collagen stimulates cells’ fibroblasts, helping our skin become firmer.

Adopting the right diet

Apart from skincare products, you can help your skin stay young from the inside. We are what we eat, and our skin craves for antioxidant-rich foods. These include berries (blueberries in particular), leafy and dark greens (such as kale or spinach), as well as dark chocolate.

However, you should adopt a balanced diet that includes various nutrients. Don’t forget to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants that prevent damage to the cells in your organisms. Actually, thiols and ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C, help prevent cell damage.

Consider installing a bidet

Although the bidet is not very popular in the West, the fact remains that it comes with numerous health benefits. Most of these have to do with skin health, so you should seriously consider installing a bidet in your bathroom.

Modern bidets come with many amenities that are an essential part of the contemporary smart toilet we should all have inside our home. Equipped with a smart toilet seat, a bidet has an air dryer that makes using it more comfortable. Old folks, pregnant women, and people with hemorrhoids stand to gain the most from installing a bidet in their home.

A massage helps

We all like getting a massage but there is more to this practice than the pleasant feeling afterward. In order for our skin to stay young, it must have a rich supply of blood to it. As we grow older, the blood vessels contract, resulting in less blood getting to the skin, especially on the face.

During a typical massage (there are also facial massages), the masseuse stimulates the flow of blood through our organisms, resulting in more oxygen-rich blood reaching the skin. Furthermore, massage aids in lymphatic drainage that stimulates the circulation of lymph fluid through the body, effectively removing waste and toxins from the lymphatic system.

Adopt a hands-off approach

The 2020 pandemic of the coronavirus has reminded us of the importance of not touching our face. Apart from avoiding a viral infection, we are also helping natural skincare products do their magic if we restrain from picking our face.

Regardless of the part of the skin, you apply a product, you should adopt a hands-off approach, meaning that there is no touching of the skin with (dirty) hands. Picking the skin is a nasty habit that you ought to grow out of as soon as possible.

When to apply skincare products?

All of the natural rejuvenating products listed above need to be applied in a timely fashion. Namely, the skin needs to be moist as much as possible so the ideal time for applying skincare products is right after bathing.

Moisture retention is the highest immediately after you step out of a shower or a bathtub. Of course, you should first gently soak in excess water using a soft towel. If you apply skincare products when the skin is inflamed or dry, the end effect will be significantly weaker.

The methods listed above are easy to apply but more importantly, they don’t involve the use of industrial chemicals. Whether it’s a simple massage or buying a bidet, you should actively take care of your skin’s health regardless of your age right now.

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