If you have ever studied or even just heard anything about homeopathy, you’ve most likely have heard about the Sulphur homeopathic remedy.

Sulphur is the most prescribed polycrest in all of homeopathy. This means that it is one of the few homeopathic remedies that has a very wide variety of uses.

These include mental, emotional, and physical ailments that can either be chronic or acute. I will discuss more about this as you continue to read on….

To understand how Sulphur works homeopathically, it helps to learn about Sulphur’s non-homeopathic makeup and uses.

Sulphur As An Element

In nature, Sulphur is one of the nine most common elements in the solar system. It was officially recognized as an element in 1777.

It also exists in DNA as a very basic ingredient of life.

The element manifests physically as bright, lemon yellow element. It is a very soft brittle mineral with very low thermal conductivity. It cannot transfer heat very well and it retains heat on the outside. Sulphur can also manifest as brimstone.

Industrial and Allopathic Uses

Sulphur is used in creating rubber, by increasing its strength in a process known as vulcanization.sulphur homeopathic remedy

Homer’s Odyssey refers to Sulphur as an antidote to pollution. In that era and beyond, it was used as a fungicide and insecticide.

For thousands of years, Sulphur mineral baths were employed for skin and joint problems. Sulphur compounds would stick to the skin and suppress or heal symptoms.

The element is also used conventionally in treating various conditions, such as acne, eczema, bronchitis, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, and more.

Sulphur is used to enhance aromas in many foods such as wine, coffee, and coca.

It is released during the combustion of fossil fuels. One could say that the more Sulphur released via fossil fuels, the higher the living standards of the country.

In nature, Sulphur is the material found around the rims of volcanoes.

Sulphur in Homeopathy

Homeopathic Sulphur has probably more bodily affinities than any other remedy.

These include:

  • Circulation venous, portal, and abdominal.
  • Nutritive organs.
  • Mucus and serous membranes.
  • Rectum.
  • Skin (which is what Sulphur is best known for).
  • Vertex, soles.
  • Joints.
  • Gland and all major organs.
  • Chest.

Reversing Physical Suppression

As a homeopathic remedy, Sulphur involves centrifugal action, much like a volcano. This remedy tends to sulphur homeopathic remedypushes physical symptoms to the surface – the opposite of suppression.

In other words, Sulphur reverses the pathology of suppression, unless it’s not matched to the entire picture of the patient.

If it’s not matched to the entire picture of the patient, then it will just lead to more and more suppression.

A Short Summary of Sulphur

Here is a video by renowned international homeopath Misha Norland that summarizes this remedy’s numerous and various uses. If you want to read about it, then skip the video and continue reading…


People needing Sulphur tend to have very strong egos. In this context, ego doesn’t mean arrogance, rather it refers more to one’s sense of self.

They will have a fragile ego, that has both self-esteem and arrogance or vanity. This means that Sulphur-type people are very susceptible to feeling disrespected or humiliated. Their pathology is affected when their ego is threatened or attacked. 

This is the main mental and emotional issue for your average Sulphur patient. 

Philosophical, Deep Thinking Personality

People needing Sulphur tend to love their thoughts and ideas, and they want everyone else to be equally interested in them. They love to come up with new ideas, theories, or philosophical insights.

They may even strive to be like Moses or any similar spiritual figure.

They can also be ecstatic, religious, or philosophical about their ideas and deep concepts that they theorize about. They have a lot of curiosity, which can lead to obsession.sulphur homeopathic remedy

However, these do not get materialized. It’s not easy for Sulphur to manifest these ideas in the physical world.

On a similar note, they also love research, because it’s a great place for their ideas without much physical investment. Deep down, they believe that their ideas, research is right and you should pay attention to it.

Alternatively, they can be hopeful dreamers or visionaries that may have fantastic ideas on how to solve the world’s problems.

Service and Dedication

Sulphur people may love to write books, but they never get them published or finished. Publishers don’t recognize the genius in their books.

Because of the work that they do for themselves or others, they feel that they are working for the good of humanity and should be recognized for that.

Not having that kind of recognition from others is their core of depression. 

If things don’t work out, then they can be destructive in a variety of ways. They really don’t like a partner that’s demanding or pisses them off. Not pretty…


Sulphur types are very well known in homeopathic literature to be lazy and rebellious.

They are the classic “coach potatoes” that want to be naked and loose (not in a sexual way). They just want to run free.

They have a complete disregard for rules and authority, and they like to write their own rules. This is because they think that they know better than other people. In their own words: “what I think is special is most important to me.”

Dirt and Disgust

Another major aspect of the Sulphur personality type is their utter lack of self care.sulphur homeopathic remedy

People that need Sulphur will tend to hate to bathe, and they can be dirty and unwashed. They will hate to do house cleaning.

On the flip side, they can wear strange or eccentric clothing. They are sensitive to odors. They may even have a disgust of body odor whether in themselves or others.


Sulphurs are known in the materia medica to have three major fears (among potentially may others). They are:

  • Heights, and they may have vertigo from high places.
  • Diseases and germs.
  • Fear of poverty, which drives them to save money, be cheap, and/or work hard.

Sulphur & Business

Sulphur people can be apt to be good businessmen. Sulphur kids may even start businesses early in life

They can have a positive or negative relationship with materialism; they’ll either love or hate it.

Heat Issues

A great way to know if someone needs Sulphur (although not always confirmatory) is if they absolutely cannot handle heating whatsoever.

They are simply worse from heat, and they cannot stand heat. The burning heat radiates from them so intensely (like Belladonna), that they end up needing lots of fresh air and water. 

Because of this, they will tend to stick their feet out of bed, and they love cold showers.

Metaphorically, Sulphur persons will also have a very “hot” temper. They can be impatient and irritable. When they’re angry, they tend to yell and curses, but afterwards they cool down.

Hunger & Food

Strong desires for tasty foods such as spicy, sweet, pickles, and salty are very prominent in Sulphur patients.

They may love meat, and they LOVE junk food as well as beer and whiskey.

Sulphurs may have weakness from hunger and hypoglycemia.

sulphur homeopathic remedy



Sulphur patients can be either obese or the opposite.

They are always hungry especially at 11AM, and they cannot wait for lunch. This is in part because of the fact that they have defective assimilation.

Also, they may experience stomach burns and may be prone to diarrhea, that can drive the out of bed in the morning.

On the opposite spectrum, they may also experience constipation with large, hard stools that are offensive and can smell of rotten eggs. This may also include an excoriated or prolapsed anus.


Sulphur is one of the top remedies for various skin issues. In fact, Sulphur has helped several of my clients with severe, chronic skin conditions.

These include, cellulitis, eczema, and much much more.

Persons needing Sulphur may have offensiveness of secretions from their skin that are excoriating and burning. They will have rough red skin that itches a lot. It’s so itchy that they’ll scratch it until it bleeds.

All Sulphur skin problems can have many types of eruptions that are worse from the following:

  • heat and sun.
  • night and the heat of bed.
  • bathing.
  • wool clothing.





Sulphur patients can have unstable circulation that produces congestion. This can lead to congestive headaches, portal congestion, or venous congestion

Because of this conestion, they cannot adopt to atmospheric changes, and as mentioned earlier, this leads to Sulphur women having intense flushes of heat.

Sulphur Kids:

Kids that really can use Sulphur will tend to be active.sulphur homeopathic remedy

They can be very messy, hungry, lazy, impatient, but can also be kind and charming. Like adults, they also will hate to bathe.

Sulphur kids will stand out by the fact that they are very curious and ask a lot of questions. During the consultation, they will constantly ask about homeopathy and the remedy given.

Their curiosity may lead them to want to touch everything that they see. 

Kids will also think they know better than others. They can be argumentative, disruptive, authoritative, asserting, and even dictatorial.

Sulphur kids like to stay up and sleep late, and they are easily bored. If they have something to do, they will be fine. Otherwise, they will be complain a lot.

Sometimes, Sulphur kids may have a habit of biting their nails. They loves to play outside in the open air, if not on the computer.

Their food cravings include sweets and junk food only. They can also like olives, chilies, pickles, and peppers. Often they will eat the whole jar of any of these foods mentioned.

For teens, they additionally may have acne problems. 


People needing Sulphur are generally worse from…

  • standing.
  • after sleep.
  • bathing.
  • heat and becoming heated.
  • wearing wool next to skin.
  • atmospheric change.
  • between 5-11AM.

All physical complaints will be left sided or worse on the left.

They are better by..

  • open air.
  • motion.
  • lying on the right side.



My Results With Sulphur

As of this date, I have had at least 3 notable clients that have seen major successes with Sulphur. Instead of unleashing pages on information I will briefly summarize their issues.

It should be noted that all three of these clients shared exactly the type of personality mentioned above. In fact, one of my Sulphur clients blatantly told me that he “wants to be like Moses.”

Physically they had different chief chronic ailments, among other complaints. One had cellulitis, another had paralyzing left body tension, and the other had chronic eczema. Each of them had their respective ailments for at least

To the cellulitis and eczema clients, I told instructed them to take Sulphur 30C in water once per day for three days. To the other client, I told him to take one dry dose of Sulphur 200C.

Both cases saw either complete healing or very significant improvements after a month of care, despite years of other non-homeopathic treatments!


Interested in the Sulphur Homeopathic Remedy?

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sulphur homeopathic remedy

About the author

Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions. Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of naturalholistichomeopathic.com, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

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  • Wow, I didn’t realize the importance of sulphur. I already visited the sulphur spas at the Dead Sea in Israel which seem to have amazing effects on people’s health (especially the skin). I really wonder how you know how much sulphur a person needs to take? Can there be a negativ side effect?

    • Great question! For acutes, a 30C taken once every 1-2 hours is generally recommended. For chronic issues, it’s best to see a homeopath who will know best what your needs are.

      By the way, I’ve also been to the sulfur spas in the Dead Sea and I plan on going again when I leave for Israel in a few days

  • Great post on sulphur. I actually take sulphur daily in the form of MSM, so this post was very intriguing. I enjoyed reading about personality traits of people needing sulphur. The video was also very helpful. I will check out your recommendation on sulphur pellets. I would like to give it to my son, but the crystals mixed in a drink can be hard to take. Hopefully, he could handle the pellets better. A lot of useful information, thank you.

  • After reading all this I am sure I am a sulphur personality. But I never take sulphur in my life. I am an arthritic patient for 24 years. It made me 85 percent disabled.but from last one year I am dealing with psoriasis. My hair is falling like leaves from a tree. My face is full of acne.my hearing and vision ability is also compromised. And I am also become a philosopher in my eyes.I want to go for sulphur treatment. Can you suggest me how much dose I should take in beginning?

  • I precisely wished to appreciate you again. I am not sure what I would’ve worked on in the absence of those techniques provided by you concerning that industry. This has been the scary case in my opinion, but taking note of the skilled avenue you processed it took me to jump over contentment. I am happy for your advice and in addition hope you recognize what an amazing job you are always doing training people through the use of a web site. I’m certain you haven’t got to know any of us.

    • Excellent question! There’s a couple of factors involved. It depends on the person’s vitality, family history, sensitivity of his/her ailment(s), and more. In general, cases where the person’s physical ailment(s) are more serious in nature are usually given lower potencies, whereas cases that are more mentally/emotionally centered are usually given higher potencies.

      I plan on writing more about potencies in the very near future, which will go much more in detail and clarity.

    • As with any homeopathic remedy, it depends on his vitality, constitution, how stable or severe his condition is, etc. I’ve given Sulphur for example to clients in water and in dry doses, both for everyday use or for just a 1x, 2x, or 3x use. Hope this helps!

  • I love this article. I am suffering from parasites and thyroid/hormone issues such as high testosterone possible DHT sensitive. I am in alot of pain under my scalp (burning) stinging accompanied with hair falling out all over my head and at a fast rate. My hair is very brittle and turned very curly with a sticky knotted feeling gathering in clumps at the end. I recently changed to ketogentics diet and eating only grassfed no gmo/organic
    Foods. I started to do coffee enemas in hopes to activate my liver and clear out parasites and mucus from my body. I am also sweating around my head and neck on and off. My skin feels itchy and I feel like a mess. I have high thyroid antibodies and highs and lows cortisol readings. I started taking sulfer 6 C (5 ,3 times a day dry). I wake up around midnight wirh my scalp on fire and hot sweats. I lost about 60 percent or more of my hsir in tbe crown area less in other areas. My face feels like it is very hot along wirh my tongue. I feel acidic more than alkaline. My facial features look different especially my eyes. Pkease reach out to me.

      • I am taking weight gain medicine for 2years, it help me alot, my weight suddenly increase in very short, it increses my apetite 4× but i realize, the medicine works only on Stomach, cheeks, and chest, so i stop taking that med. After stopping immediately, it causes side effect, now loss of apetite, indigestion, acidity,gastric problem, rashes on the while body, pain in abomen after running, vommiting sensation Some time, iam taking nux vom.30 2 times a day, plz help me and advice me some homeopathy medicine.my contact no. 8447776732

  • My son is 7 years old and he got cough whenever he take food containing benzoic acid either preservative or foods containing benzoaate. He is also sensitive to detergent chemicals. He take sweet foods occasionally but when he takes he snores at night His dark circles under eyes gets more darker when he take some food He can’t tolerate. Even a small dose disturb him. My doctor suggest sulphur 30 and Antrim mur 30

      • Hi ariel. Sulphur seems to be doing lots of magic as I could read from the blog. Didn’t know how to open a new thread to interact with you, I’m sorry picking someone’s thread & interacting. My face skin is darkening of late & I could see lot of difference in my face now as it used to fair earlier. I also run out of energy soon & feel extremely drowsy & tired when I wake up in the morning with tired looking face with puffy eyes. I don’t get to sleep well, can sulphur cure me sir, pls respond. Tks sundar

  • My 22 year old daughter has chronic eyelid edema for a few years. Her family dr gave her cortisone eye drops which helps a little bit but she doesn’t want to use them all the time. Allergy pills don’t help either. She has had eczema in the past. She is currently taking chinese medicine which has helped with her eczema. This winter, however, the eczema has been worse. She also has dry eyes and meibomian gland problems. She also takes Omega 3, probiotics, vitamin c and d. Other than all these issues, she is healthy. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • I am starting to look into homeopathy, and this article was very helpful. My son is 2 years old and has a chalazion that won’t go away at all even with compresses and eye scrubs. It looks as it is getting bigger and I don’t want to think about him going to surgery. He is very hot bodied, loves sweets, loves being outside, has dark think hair, sweats in his sleep and does not like sleeping with socks on or a blanket. His urine is very strong smelling too. I’ve heard sulphur could help make the chalazion go away. What would you do in this case? Thank you!

    • Hi Victoria,

      As a homeopath myself, I have seen homeopathy work wonderfully in treating chalazion and other skin related ailments. Homeopathy works safely, gently, and effectively to remove illness by igniting the body’s healing mechanisms and strengthening the general constitution of the person. Your best bet is to seek out & make an appointment with a homeopath for your son to get treated as soon as possible. Feel free to reach out to me for any more help!

  • Great work..
    I am 45 yrs male.took 7-8 doses of sulphur(30c,200c,&one or two of 1m)8 months back.After that some black spots developed on left side of my face & Nose.Is this any reaction? If yes kindly suggest what should I do. For sometime I took some allopathic ointments and anti allergic prescribed by Doctor.Though sulphur more or less matches my personality except winter season I feel very chill & cold..restrict me going outside.

  • Loved reading your article- gave me more information on the background of sulphuric. I have chronic itchy skin that primarily targets my arms, shins and sides of my torso. My homeopathic recommended sulphur 1M for 2 days which helped, but within 2 weeks my itchy skin came back again. Is this something I have to constantly take every time my skin itches? Will the effectiveness of sulphur eventually disappear if I take it repeatedly? I would love to hear what you think – thank you!

    • Hi May,

      As an experienced homeopath who specializes in skin and has had tremendous success with Sulphur when indicated, I am actually surprised that your homeopath prescribed this remedy at a 1M potency. In general, a remedy at a high potency (200C or higher) for most skin conditions tend to cause unnecessary aggravations. I personally do not recommend higher than a 30C and I dilute it in water. Your homeopath may have a different method of prescribing however.

      This remedy (or any remedy) is not meant to be taken everytime you itch. Rather, the goal of a homeopathic remedy is to ignite the body’s innate healing mechanisms in order to promote holistic healing on a more permanent basis.
      To address your last question, taking the remedy will likely worsen your condition, not improve, considering that it is given at a 1M potency which is high. Each time you take a dose of a homeopathic remedy, you are sending an energetic signal to your body’s energy, or vital force as we say in homeopathy. Like a pendulum, this can redirect the flow of healing in many potential ways, which is why when taking a remedy, its very important to only take the remedy in the minimum amount of doses as necessary.

      Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out privately if you would like more elaboration as there is more room to explain my answer above.

      • Hi Ariel – I appreciate your prompt response to my questions. I am very interested in learning what would your approach to a more permanent healing would be ( dosage, remedy). Please feel free to email me directly.

      • Dear Ariel

        I would kindly like to discuss privately with you if you would be so kind to allow me. I have however, checked everywhere but can’t find your email so I am leaving mine for you to see.

        Please do reach out to me.
        Thank you

  • My Doctor has suggested using sulfpur to help repel mosquitoes because I am going to a country with malaria. He said it does something to the carbon dioxide in the blood (increases or decreases… I can’t remember). I have seen online a homeopathic sulfer of 6x and 30x. I will be in mosquito areas for 8 weeks (FL & Zambia). Should I take the 6x or the 30x? Since I would be exposed to mosquitoes for so long, is it safe to take sulphur for that long? Should I go with the lower 6x dose and take it all 8 weeks? Do I need to take it a week or 2 prior to get a build up in my body so I am less desirable to the mosquitoes? I am a 46 yr old female, I tend to be sensitive to some OTC medications like Tylenal & Motrin when taken for more than a few days. Caffine gives me headaches. I have become lactose intolerant. My personality doesn’t match the info above except that I am always warm and I sweat profusely when it’s above 70 deg or I’m moving much.

  • Hello, i would like to ask your opinion in this matter: my toddler has atopic dermatitis or eczema on her scalp and neck and knee creases and ankles since she was very little and i have been keeping it under control with hydrocortisone and creams of this kind, now her dry skin it’s worse and the eczema shows on her face too and is very itchy. She has almost all the characteristics of a Sulphur personality. What dose of Sulphur would you recommend? Thank you

  • I tend to get intestinal bloating, and I absolutely cannot stand heat ,so I think I am a Sulphur type; I also tend to cough up brown stuff in the morning. I took one dose of 6c, and the bloating and coughing are greatly reduced. I am now uncertain as to whether I should continue to take it, or move on to 30c, or stop altogether; I also have anxiety and depression.

      • Good day. My husband has had a stroke 2 and half years back. He improved a lot with time. Sadly he had another stroke 22 April 2018. He can not see since then. He is usii g Bothrops and Stramonium at the moment. He has been seen by an iridologists. Are there any other product that will be useful ? He can not get around by himself yet. Blockage is apparently persistent.

        • Hi,

          Unless he is already seeing a homeopath for treatment, his best option would be to make an appointment to see a homeopath for constitutional treatment. Let me know if you need help locating a homeopath either near you or via Telehealth.

  • Hi Ariel – I came across your blog while researching sulfur remedies to treat what appears to be some kind of mite infestation at the base of my head and on the back of my neck – where my head rests on a pillow 🙁 Can you comment on any suggestions of dosing with sulfur, or any other homeopathic? I started itching just about 3 months ago now, my PCP and a dermatologist failed to diagnose correctly and it took quite a while for me to figure it out (I found 2 almost invisible dark colored “bugs” on hair strands). I am currently topically using sulphur soap, essential oils, salt, neem and coconut oil. Also dosing orally with a wormwood/black walnut/clove tincture and neem tablets. Those are the things that have given me some relief and seem to keep them from spreading. I am totally against the chemical things that my practitioners are prescribing and am trying hard to get rid of these darn things but it is extremely difficult! Any advice would be tremendously appreciated! Thank you!

    • Hi,

      Thanks for reaching out. Because of the nature of your case, it might be best to consult a homeopath/holistic practitioner who can properly help you heal. I am a certified homeopathic and holistic practitioner, and you are more than welcome to reach out to me directly for any assistance via email – refuahhomeopathy@gmail.com.

      Hope this helps!



  • I have been taking Sulpur daily for about two years for a frequent urination problem at night. Instead of every 2 hrs. I am up only 2x per night. I do have the sulpur personality, you were straight on!
    Do tell me if my sulphur intake us too much and what I should do alternatively. Thank you

  • Excellent post!
    I think I’m sulphur person. However, not all qualities are a match. e.g., I can bear heat but i’m having short temper. Given this, how much should be the match to call myself sulphur person?

    • Thanks Vikas.

      I would say that if you match the majority of issues/symptoms indicated in Sulphur, then it is likely that Sulphur matches you. However, since Sulphur is a large polycrest remedy that covers a wide variety of health complaints, it is also likely that there is a more accurate remedy for you than Sulphur. Therefore, it is always best to consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner for more precise assistance.


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