Are you one of those social drinkers who love to sip a glass of wine while catching up with friends over dinner? Or maybe you prefer to have some me-time with a good book and a glass of pinot noir? Whether you like sparkly white, delicate rosé or strong red wine, indulging in a glass or two from time to time will help you more than just relax and forget about your everyday troubles. According to studies, a glass of wine has various benefits to your health which will make you glad you started indulging in it every day.

It’s good for your heart

Procyanidins – phenols which neutralize free radicals – are the main substance in tannins found in red wine. They are effective in preventing cardiovascular disease. According to WebMD, a study by researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa tested the effects of red wine on the health of blood vessels. The results showed that blood vessel cell health was enhanced, improving the flow of blood. Furthermore, the health of the heart will be increased while the risk of cardiovascular disease will be lowered.

Lowers the risk of stroke

Another great benefit of alcohol and moderate consumption of wine is that it prevents blood clotting. Wine has the role of natural blood thinner, which prevents blood clots from forming and potentially leading to a stroke. Just like aspirin, red wine contains phenols and thins the blood, similar to medicine. Therefore, it’s recommended to have at least one glass of exquisite burgundy wine every day to keep your blood clot-free. According to a John Hopkins University Medical Center study, resveratrol found in red grape skins could protect against stroke after the grapes are turned into wine. Make sure you have only a glass or two of wine because heavy drinking is more likely to result in a higher risk of heart attacks. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle, so keep your wine consumption to a glass or two a day.

Keeps the immune system in check

Our immune system tends to be at risk if we forget to take our vitamins every day and have some fruit and vegetables regularly. However, if you stick to drinking a glass of wine daily, your immune system will flourish. Moderate alcohol consumption is successful at warding off infections and keeping your immune system in check. However, you should remember not to go overboard, because if you have more than two glasses, that can lead to over-consumption which will cancel out all the positive effects.

Immune system

Chock-full of antioxidants

Free radicals cause terrible health problems such as cancer, but with a glass or two of wine, you could fight them off successfully. Wine is packed with antioxidants that attack free radicals when they come lurking around. White wine is the best for this problem. According to a study, the phenols in white wine had equal, if not higher antioxidants, than those in red wine. So, the next time you feel like having a glass of liquor, opt for wine to offer your body plenty of health benefits while also relaxing you while having fun with friends.

From protecting your heart to boosting your immune system and preventing stroke, wine is good for you for an array of reasons. However, this is only true for drinking in moderation because heavy drinking can reverse the effects and have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, keep your drinking to one or two glasses a day and protect your body from various negative impacts.

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