Vaccination Pros AND Cons: A Fairly Honest & Objective Analysis From a Pro-Vaccine Advocate


Hi, I’m Joe. I am a new(ish) dad, overwhelmed by things to learn about having a baby. One of the things that never really crossed my mind before we had a baby was the topic of vaccination. Vaccination pros and cons are something that every couple (and people in general) struggle to learn about honestly and objectively.  Read More

Silicea Homeopathic Remedy: Chronic & Acute Uses

Silicea Homeopathic Remedy

Scientifically, the Silicea homeopathic remedy is derived from the combination the quartz and silicon dioxide as a compound.

(Note: Silicea is the same remedy as Silica).

Besides for its homeopathic form, Silicea also can be found as a natural cell salt.

Check out homeopath Misha Norland’s brief explanation of Silicea’s abilities, especially it’s reputation as being the “homeopathic scalpel:” Read More


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