The rise of marijuana from being a drug to a star medicinal plant has been an impeccable journey to follow. From being typecast as a schedule 1 Drug, Marijuana proved its benefits to humanity through the various cures it made available. Today the medical industry views marijuana as a scope for alternate medication and treatment. They also see a safer and more effective treatment potential in the plant.


As the plant rises to popularity, it is no wonder that more markets are looking to target interested customers using this plant. Marijuana-based products, including medicines, edibles, drinks, cosmetics, are all emerging. Various industries see a vast market scope for the plant and are finding innovative ways to introduce it into their products. As cannabis-infused or cannabis-based lines increase, the demand for the plant is also marching further. This progress leads us to explore the area of cannabis cultivation deeper to know more about how to match this demand.

Understanding the seed varieties for Cannabis cultivation

While regular cannabis seeds do produce healthy offspring and buds for usage, the mixture of male and female plants leaves a whole part of the male offspring’s unusable. While auto-flowering seeds eliminate this problem, it still poses the threat of significantly less yield and excess workload towards caring for the plant as these plants are dependent on photoperiods for budding and maturity. Auto-flowering seeds overcome these two major concerns and serve as the best option available for cannabis cultivation both indoors and outdoors.


The seeds have fewer expectations from the environment and can naturally produce healthy offsprings and buds that are appropriate for consumption. Auto-flowering seeds of various cannabis varieties help deliver the best potential of the plant with its commercially viable yield. If you are planning to grow pot seeds, auto-flowering seeds could be the best choice for you. The plant is far more under control in this case as the sizes do not get beyond a certain limit. Also, the absence of dependency on the photoperiod for maturity gives you more liberty to grow the plant without stressing too much towards caring for it.

 If you are a cannabis enthusiast and would like a year around harvest period, then there is nothing more suited for your case than choosing auto-flowering seeds. Once you feel convinced that auto-flowering seeds are the way to go, you have a wide range of options to explore. The best auto-flowering varieties you can grow at home are listed here, read on to know-

The Best Auto Flowering Seeds for your home

  1. Royal Cookies Automatic: Royal Cookies is among the best auto-flowering seeds of this year. It is a hybrid between the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain and Rudrelis. The typical height of the plant is slightly higher than the usual auto-flowering varieties, but it is still easy to keep it indoors. The entire maturity period for the plant takes anywhere between 8-10 weeks, and the average yield expected from it can be 450g/sq m. This strain holds mind calming and relaxing properties. It is high in THC content and can help you with insomnia and other sleep disorders. It can also help in the case of patients suffering from anxiety disorders.


  1. Pineapple Express auto-flowering seeds: The incredible aroma that excites you at the first light of this strain is among the various characteristics that make Pineapple Express an extremely desirable strain for use. The seeds are a cross between Pineapple chunk and Super Auto Rudrelis and are a heavy yield plant suitable for your indoors. The plant height can go up to 43 inches, and the typical yield of the plant is about 600g/m2. The seeds are easy to grow and require minimal care. It is a strong Indica strain that is rich in THC and has sedative effects on the users. The entire growth time lasts between 60 to 65 days from the day of seeding.
  1. Amnesia Auto CBD: CBD dominant strains are in demand in the market, and Amnesia Auto CBD promises a CBD rich variety that is easy to grow and maintain at home. The taste and aroma of the plant are incredible, and the yield is higher than most plants of this type. Amnesia strain has powerful psychoactive effects, which indicate a truly rich connection to the original cannabis species. The captivating aroma of a lemony haze of this strain is impeccable. But Amnesia CBD aims to control the intense effects of the original strain. It gives a rather enjoyable and mild experience to the users. The increased levels of CBD keep the effects of THC under control, and the plant offers high yield and quality, just like the original strain. This plant is ideal for producing CBD oil for your needs. 


  1. Northern Storm: Northern Storm is known for its small flowering period and unmatchable yield, along with the high THC concentration. It takes only about 65-70 days for the plant to start flowering without any requirement for photoperiod. The Northern Storm shares DNA with Northern Lights and is one of the most desirable strains across the world today. It is an Indica dominant strain and offers to yield up to 300g/m sq and is very much suitable for indoor cultivation. The strong taste of citrus that dominates the palette complimented by melon and grapefruit makes this a wonderful strain to work with.


  1. West Coast OG Auto: The plant comes with the incredible characteristic of the OG Kush strain that is characterized by the woody earthy tones of aroma with a touch of citrus and coastal scent. The amber-colored buds peep in during the 9th week from the seeding, and the average height of the plant can go up to 90cm. It is a chunky plant of an Indica dominant strain and has a long-lasting relaxing and euphoric effects. The yield of the plant varies from 500 to 650gm/m sq in an indoor setting and is an ideal cannabis plant to experiment with indoors.

These five outstanding auto-flowering varieties can be the right choice to start your cannabis cultivation at home with ease.

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