The blood test is usually recommended by doctors to assess any abnormalities. Deficiency in haemoglobin or RBCs or WBCs and other components in the blood can result in health issues. To assess all this, a blood test is mandatory. During a blood test, some amount of blood is taken out from one’s body for testing. The blood sample is taken to the laboratory for a thorough analysis. After a detailed diagnosis, results are produced about the substances present in blood cells which help a doctor to detect disease and prescribe medication.

Blood Tests

Are blood tests painful?

The process may cause temporary discomfort, but it is not painful. It feels more like a sting that stays only for a few seconds. Blood is usually drawn from one’s vein with a needle, and in some cases, finger prick is also used.

How can a blood test help a doctor?

Blood tests help a doctor in many ways which are mentioned below:

  • It helps to diagnose all blood-related diseases. For example, if the result says the patient has less haemoglobin in their blood, then it means they may have anaemia.
  • Blood tests help a doctor to understand the current condition of their patient’s organs.
  • Blood tests also say if the medication provided by the doctor is working or not.
  • Any risk factors that may cause disease in the future can also be diagnosed by a blood test report.

How is a blood sample is analysed in laboratories?

A blood sample is taken depending on the testing requirements. If many tests are to be performed, a required amount of blood is taken out of the body and is kept in different containers. Then the plasma is separated from the blood cells for detailed diagnosis. The plasma helps to measure all the substances in the blood cells. After analysing everything, a blood test report is prepared and is given to the patient. Analysing the blood is a delicate and tricky process, and a simple mistake can tamper the result irreversibly. Hence, its always good to visit a trusted diagnostic centre for the same.  

What are the major types of blood tests?

There are four major types of blood tests; they are:

  1. Complete blood count: This test is also known as CBC. It helps to detect all types of blood-related diseases and is part of a routine check-up. It measures red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and other parts of one’s blood.
  2. Basic metabolic panel: It gives information about one’s bones, organs, and muscles. This test helps a doctor to understand the function of one’s kidney and also measures the amount of calcium, glucose, electrolytes in their blood.
  3. Blood enzyme test: This test helps one to detect the chemical reactions taking place in one’s blood and checks the chances of having a heart attack.
  4. Lipoprotein panel: It tests the amount of cholesterol in one’s blood. An excessive amount of cholesterol can cause coronary heart diseases.

Why do we need to fast before some blood tests?

Food items contain vitamins, protein, and other nutrition. Eating any food that may spike any element in one’s blood cell should be avoided. This can produce incorrect results, and the whole treatment will be wrong. That is why doctors make their patients fast for 8 to 12 hours before some blood tests so that the elements in one’s blood cell remain stable.

Blood Tests

Blood Tests

What are the things one should consider before going for a blood test?

Sometimes blood tests can be risky if proper hygiene is not maintained. The needle used for blood tests should be new and disinfected to avoid any health hazards. One should select a centre where all tests are done carefully and the reports are very accurate. A blood testing centre should also have a certified laboratory and updated equipment. All these things should be kept in mind before going for any blood test.

With regular health check-up, you can save yourself from a lot of diseases. Moreover, timely assessment ensures that you get the right information about the status of your health. The blood test is one such thing and you must choose a good diagnostic centre.

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