Sugar is a sweet enemy and a path we need to tread carefully. It can also be addictive. Sugar detox is the best way to reset your relationship with sugar but it doesn’t mean you are completely giving up sugar for good.

Doing a sugar detox will help you curb your cravings, absorb more nutrients into your body, enjoy a balanced gut, and improve your brain health. It can also help you to eliminate some threats to your cardiovascular health and those symptoms of hormone imbalance you may have been experiencing.

While all these benefits are a good read to try a sugar detox today, there are still things you should know before you start your sugar detox journey.

1.       Sugar is Everywhere

Combating the desire to take ice cream, chocolate, or a cheeky cake will pass pretty quickly. But there are also seemingly innocuous foods you will miss. Those tasty, little additions to your savory meals -ketchup, Worcestershire sauce the menu, chutney, brown sauce, mustard, and shop-bought mayonnaise will be the hardest to your stomach.

2.      You Can Conquer the Cravings

Your sense of smell for your favorite sugary food may go into overdrive that you might be able to sniff it out from a superhuman distance. This is a mental battle you will have to go through but it should dissipate within a week. So, it is not something you will have to deal with for long.

3.      Sugar Detox is Better Done with Friends

If you are going on a sugar detox, you might want to bring in reinforcements. It will be a great motivator if you have a friend you could to fess up to a friend if you fell off the wagon. It will also be helpful to share your sugar-swap discoveries, commiserate, and celebrate the healthy food choices you make together during your period of going through sugar detox symptoms.

4. Complacency May Sneak up on You

Some sugar detox plans allow cheat days or may introduce a little sweetness after a few days. You need to be careful of how much sugary food you allow yourself to stuff down your throats in days like these.

It will be harder when you have leftovers from it because you will have to go through the stressful internal debate of deciding whether or not to take the leftovers. Then you might realize how refreshing it has been that you’ve not been thinking like that. The easier option will be to continue to be strict.

5.      Food May Become Boring

Going through a sugar detox sucks the fun out of eating. Few weeks into a sugar detox program, your energy levels are likely to go flat. This may make you want to compensate yourself by eating more frequently than you normally do. However, food will become a bit of a bore and more of a necessity.

Without the sweat treats in food, it’s hard to crave for it or to be satisfied after you eat. However, your energy will return and the blood sugar spikes which could have been driving you to eat before you start the program will have reduced. It will also become easier to go without snacking in between meals. 

6. You May Have to Deal With Haters

You may have to deal with ‘the haters’, who may seem really offended by your distance from sugar. This is especially true if you hang out with friends a lot or you are usually the first to order for sweet things when you do so.

It can be tiring to have to explain the same thing to different people about your food choices or why you decided to bring homemade food to work. When you hang out with friends in places like a restaurant, you should avoid drawing attention to yourself about what you choose to eat or not eat.

Sugar Detox – Take Away

Going through a sugar detox can be psychologically liberating. The ability to say no to sugary foods can be empowering but you need to have plans that can help you keep it that way.

Always stay hydrated and avoid taking processed foods. Whenever you choose to have a bit of sugar, you should be conscious enough to know when it’s becoming too much. Sugar detox side effects will be harder on you if you are stressed, so meditate and try other ways to relieve stress.

Don’t trick yourself into believing you can stand keeping a bar of chocolate in the fridge and thinking it will last for 2 days.  Now that you know what to expect during a sugar detox, it should be easier for you to get through it successfully and achieve your health goals.

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This is Christina; a fitness blogger and freelance writer. She’s currently one of the editors at When she’s not watching a movie or hanging out with friends, she’s probably researching new ways to actualize her goal of helping you to commit to fitness.

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