Staying calm and centered at work is sometimes easier said than done. In an ideal world, we’d only work with people we had positive relationships with. As a result, we’d never be stressed by any of our work tasks. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case. Instead, we need to know how to manage any problems or stressors that arise. Try the following tips for maintaining inner peace at work:

Start your day with positivity

The way you start your day will set the tone for the rest of it. Waking up early and allowing yourself time to get ready slowly will help you to feel much more relaxed – rushing around in a panic as you struggle to eat and shower on time is helping nobody.

Instead of waking to the harsh sounds of a regular alarm, use one with sound that begins softly, that will wake you up in stages. You’ll wake feeling refreshed rather than irritable.

Make yourself a healthy breakfast – eating well in the morning will give you the energy you need to tackle your morning at work.

Additionally, you might find it helpful to start your day with some family bonding – why not make breakfast together or take turns talking about your plans for the day? This way, you’ll head to work knowing that your day has started right.


Use your break times to relax

It’s all too easy to scarf down a sandwich at your desk instead of using your lunch hour to do something for yourself. Take a walk and let yourself relax, check out a nearby restaurant or café, or read a book instead of scrolling through your phone.


Decorate your cubicle with objects that bring you peace

If you work in a cubicle, you likely have the opportunity to decorate your space with objects of your choosing. Why not decorate with items that bring you peace or comfort to look at? Everyone’s different, but spiritual statuettes, a miniature terrarium, or even a small stuffed animal might work for you. You might also like to keep a stress-relieving object, like a stress ball or a worry stone, in a drawer at your desk.


tips for maintaining inner peace at work


Take a break when you’re overwhelmed

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with pressure at work, one of the best things you can do for yourself – and the people around you – is to take a break. Go outside for a few minutes, take a walk and breathe in fresh air. Or, find a quiet space for some time alone. You might like to try a deep breathing exercise or simply reflect on what’s happening. Either way, you’ll be better prepared to handle difficulties when you’ve had a chance to step away for a moment.


Exercise each night

Regular exercise can do wonders for your mood – during both actual exercise and for a day or two afterwards. If you regularly feel frustrated at the end of your workday, take that frustration and use it to power through a workout, a run, or even a session of bouncing on a trampoline. Afterwards, your body and your mind will feel much better. You’ll have something to look forward to on particularly difficult days at the office.

It’s normal to feel frustrated once in a while at work. However, bottling up your emotions instead of finding proactive ways to deal with them will ultimately hurt you. The next time you’re struggling to maintain your inner peace at work, take a deep breath and choose a productive way to handle your stress.


About the Guest Contributor:

Harper Reid is a freelance writer from Auckland, New Zealand who is passionate about healthy living and fitness. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her running on the beach or doing meditation or yoga in her garden. You can find more of her work on Tumblr.

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