Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Jewelry is often one of the most precious and valued things in a person’s life mainly because of how much you invest in it. However, not everyone is as fortunate as those who do not have allergic reactions to certain types of jewelry. And since jewelry is an investment, it’s always better to consider how some people can find a way out of their allergic reactions with it.

Knowing What You’re Specifically Allergic To

It’s essential for you to be able to pinpoint to which type of jewelry or components of jewelry you’re specifically allergic to. In that way, you can prevent allergic reactions by picking out varieties of jewelry which do not contain the component you’re allergic to.

Most people are allergic to nickel, a component that is added to almost every jewelry because it adds strength, flexibility, and durability to the whole. Since it’s combined with nearly all types of jewelry, you can never fully get rid of it but, you can look for more ways on how to counter it.

Researching and Reading Reviews Online

Everything is on the Internet. Feedbacks, reviews, criticisms, positive or negative, it’s all found on the Internet. Reviews are often the basis of a person whether or not they’re going to proceed in purchasing something. In Karats Jewelers reviews, satisfied buyers post feedbacks regarding their purchases.

Reviews help a lot when it comes to sales and marketing because people who experienced the products or services first can post a review and inform potential buyers about what the products can or cannot do, what the products do offer and do not offer, and so much more.

Use of Clear Nail Polish

For some, applying clear nail polish all over the jewelry is helpful. You can apply about two to three coats of clear nail polish around the part of the jewelry that gets in contact with the skin. Through this, direct contact of the jewelry and the skin is avoided. However, this does not apply entirely to all types of jewelry, only to some like rings and bracelets.

Don’t Wear it All the Time

Wearing your jewelry the whole time can definitely cause skin allergies. Find the time to take it off when you don’t really need to be wearing it.

Allow Air to Pass Through

As much as possible, avoid wearing jewelry that fits too tightly around your neck, wrists, or ears. Prolonged use of tight jewelry can only give you further skin allergies. Allow air to pass through and get in contact with your skin from time to time.

Prep and Protect Your Skin

Jewelry allergies are inevitable, but you can always prevent it by prepping and protecting your skin before wearing any jewelry. Consulting your dermatologist will help you know which topical creams to apply to your skin in order to prevent contact dermatitis. Some people also opt for moisturizers as a way of putting a “barrier” between the skin and the jewelry.

Wrapping Up

If you have an affinity with jewelry, but at the back of your mind, fear creeps in because of how your skin reacts to it, there’s no need to worry because there are always ways on how to prevent these allergies without compromising the other. With proper research and application, you won’t even have to worry about these problems anymore.

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