An average person will try incorporating hundreds of different apps into their routine. This is usually with the goal of making daily tasks easier. Among these, there should be a few that truly focus on personal wellness. Apps that do things like track calories and find locations make certain things simpler, but they are not really life-enriching. The modern notion of wellness is expanding, and there are surprisingly few wellness apps worth investigating. Here are some of the best wellness apps to consider.


Modern work, relationships, and life, in general, can take a toll on any person. This app was created by a person with dual expertise in science and Asian meditation principles. It uses a series of simple cartoon characters to teach people how to focus and calm themselves in stressful situations.

This is not a religious app, but it incorporates real scientific data into customized meditation programs. Novices and meditation experts alike can learn about how meditation in many forms is effective for increasing health levels.



Most people are unaware of how often they feel low. They also probably fail to remember the times when they feel really good. This app is perfect for creating a journal that tracks the ups and downs of life. It allows a person to record situations, personal thoughts, and immediate feelings. Each journal entry can be accompanied by a facial portrait.

The app compiles journal information, and creates daily reminders of when good and bad feelings are likely to happen. The goal of this app is to change a person’s perspective on how they approach the world. If someone can learn their typical reactions, they can act on altering them. This has big implications for being well.



Setting and achieving small goals leads to bigger successes. Someone who feels that it is possible to accomplish goals regularly has a better understanding of what wellness really means. Goals can be as small as writing another paragraph in a personal novel, or as big as saving for retirement.

This app starts with the step of identifying your own life philosophy. Then, you pair that information with things that you want to achieve. Along the way, you enter successes, failures, and the details surrounding them. Everything from diet and exercise routines, to procrastination at work, can be analyzed.

The best part of this app is its multi-user feature. Part of true wellness is forming a network with others who have similar goals.


Making The Most Out Of The Best Wellness Apps

Wellness means much more than eating right and avoiding bad habits. Though these are important, examining all physical, emotional, and mental aspects is the key to wellness. These three apps are wonderful tools for new levels of personal discovery.

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