There are many reasons for hair loss, and you may find out the reason for yours by the type of hair loss you have. For example, does your hair fall out gradually or in large clumps? After it falls out, does it grow back, or does it need treatment to grow back? Heredity, age, cancer treatment, and alopecia areata are the most common reasons for hair loss. One way to keep your hair healthy is to use a serum that increases growth. Here are the top five serums for healthy hair.

1 1Sisley Paris Revitalizing Fortifying Serum

Along with making your hair shiny and beautiful, this serum is formulated to nourish your scalp. With herbal-based extracts, vitamin E, proteins, and other ingredients, this hair serum fortifies your scalp and the follicles that hold the hair. This makes it one of the best for men or women who are losing hair.

It strengthens the hair bulb to help keep it anchored in your scalp. The serum can be applied when your hair is still wet before you blow-dry and when it is dry to keep it hydrated. It also protects the natural color of your hair and provides it with volume and tone.

2 Kiehl’s Stylist Series Silk Groom Serum

If you would like the health and beauty benefits that using a hair serum can provide but are afraid it will weigh down your thin, dry hair, this is the serum for you. It is suitable for men and women for a smooth, well-groomed look. It is very lightweight, the manufacturers call it weightless, and it will never make your hair feel greasy or heavy. It is a blend of sesame, sunflower, and soy oils that is so light it’s incredible that it hydrates dry ends and tames frizz.

3 Alterna Haircare Caviar Infinite Color Hold Serum

If your hair is colored, it may start to look dull and dry. This hair serum is designed explicitly with sunflower seed oil and red raspberry leaf oil to lock in your color pigment as well as hydrate. This one also acts as a sunscreen to protect your color job from harmful ultraviolet rays. Of course, it also protects natural hair color. Other ingredients are vitamin C and caviar extract, which smoothen and add shine to your hair.

This serum can be used on wet or dry hair. There is another thing you can do to strengthen and protect colored hair. Just mix this with Alterna hair conditioner to create a mask that will nourish and brighten your hair. This serum is suitable for straight, curly, wavy, coiled, and tightly coiled styles.

4 Functions of Beauty Custom Hair Serum

If your hair is damaged and falling out, you may be considering a low-level light therapy (LLLT) such as igrow or Kiierr. These lights come in caps that revitalize the scalp and hair follicles to start healthy hair regrowth.

Along with this, you can use this hair serum designed for people with concerns about the health of their hair. It is a lightweight serum that smoothens frizz and increases shine. It contains argan oil, one of the best for many skin and hair ailments, jojoba, sunflowers, and other oils. Additional ingredients can be customized for your hair and scalp problems, such as falling hair and split ends.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

If you use heat styling every day, your hair may begin to show dryness and breakage. It is essential to protect your hair from the heat of blow dryers, straighteners, and curlers. This hair serum is specifically designed to be used with heat. It speeds up the drying process and changes frizzy hair to shiny and smooth very quickly. It has lightweight silicones in the formula that condition and seals the cuticle. It also protects against humidity and keeps frizz away all day.

Whether it develops in a woman or man, the medical term for hair loss is androgenic alopecia. Men usually start with a receding hairline. Women typically begin with hair thinning or a widening of the sides. There are treatments to stop or slow hair loss, such as low-level light therapy caps that use medical-grade lasers and nourishing hair serums that strengthen the scalp and hydrate the hair.

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