Not all careers are created equal and that goes for many different aspects of every profession, health included. That said, certain career choices seem to be healthier than others, especially when one considers the dangers that possibly follow certain professions as well as the amount of stress and sedentary lifestyle. If you’re interested in what the top healthiest careers in the world are, keep on reading.

1. Nutritionist


It’s no wonder that the nutritionist is on this list, considering that people in this profession deal with food. And, as you already know, food can affect our health considerably. As they learn more about the ways different foods and food combos influence the human body (and mind), nutritionists basically gain first-hand knowledge into the ideal practice involving the use of food as both fuel and medicine. Nutritionists also form a much healthier relationship with food which allows them to practice what they preach in their daily lives.

2. Farmer and gardener

Both farmers and gardeners spend a lot of time outdoors surrounded by fresh air and nature. What’s more, they tend to get plenty of physical activity which is crucial for leading a healthy lifestyle. Also, it’s worth mentioning that gardening, planting and dealing with nature on a daily basis in general are all practices thought to improve mindfulness and relieve stress. Farmers also have fresh produce and unprocessed food available thanks to their everyday work. When gardeners are concerned, combining their work with adequate water intake and healthy meals make this particular profession one of the world’s healthiest.

3. Yoga instructor

Yoga instructor

Unsurprisingly, yoga instructor is also one of the healthiest careers in the world since this profession focuses on having a stress-free mind and overall health and well-being – not to mention the amount of physical activity that’s a part of every yoga instructor’s life. Also, yoga instructors spend their working hours in a calming environment of a yoga studio, that often features pleasant and efficient LED stadium lights, soothing natural and earthy tones, greenery, aromatherapeutic scents, and so on. What’s more, these professionals also contribute to other people’s well-being, which is always a bonus.

4. University professor

Working with students might not sound like an ideal profession to everyone, but working as a university professor tends to be less stressful and more enjoyable. After all, the students are older and know why they’re attending the classes. The workload and schedule are very flexible and leave time for other activities such as fitness and hobbies. University professors receive a high-paying salary and they also align their breaks with the academic year, which is a great way to catch up on relaxation and wellness practices, too.

5. Software engineer

Software engineer

You might be surprised to see the software engineer career on this list, especially since they tend to spend a lot of their time sitting in front of a computer. However, they also tend to be rather happy with their life and passionate about their work, which automatically means less stress and worry. Furthermore, modern business companies treat their employees well and try their best to incorporate healthier living in the workplace. That said, exercise rooms, paid gym memberships, playrooms, team buildings, and so on are all extras specially prepared for boosting the employee’s health, productivity and satisfaction.

If it’s not obvious already, the key aspects you want to focus on in life when looking after your health is a balanced diet, regular physical activity and low-stress environment. However, it’s crucial that you choose a career path that actually interests you. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with your life and could miss the opportunity to make a difference in a way that only you might be able to.

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