Allergies are an omnipresent issue that only appears to rise as the years roll on. While some theorize that this is due to our lack of exposure to nature, others claim that they were always there, only misdiagnosed. Roughly speaking, allergies are defined as an overreaction of our immune system to a particular foreign substance. Statistically speaking, most people do not react to the said substance at all. If you too have this issue, here are the top 5 natural remedies for surviving the allergy season.

1. Pillars of immunity

It may sound like too simple a solution to warrant a place on any such list, but one should never underestimate the utility of boosting one’s immunity, especially when it ‘malfunctions’ in any noticeable way. Keep in mind that the pillars of strong immunity are three particular elements: vitamin C, zinc and magnesium. Vitamin C may be the one that needs the least introduction. Everyone and their grandmother know that their body has to be well-stocked with this vitamin which is substantially present in citrus fruits and greens. However, an effective magnesium supplement in all of its variations should be a bigger concern for you, since this mineral tends to be overlooked and underappreciated when it comes to proper immune functioning. Zinc’s key role in cell division, growth and its function in wound healing speak volumes of its importance, so if you are not a big fan of meat and seeds, you may want to take it in a supplement form as well.

2. Probiotics

It goes without saying that the above-mentioned pillars of immunity should accompany a diet that is low in carbs and rich in fruits and veggies, accompanied by some mighty protein. An additional natural remedy that you can add to your daily menu list is probiotics. Some allergies may be caused by immune problems due to a misbalance of gut bacteria, and probiotics can ameliorate this issue fairly efficiently. Fermented foods are a good source of probiotic bacteria that improve digestion and realign your biorhythm into the right, for the lack of the better word, groove. Many people have reported reduced allergic symptoms after they have healed their gut, and who knows – you might just be one of them.

3. Butterbur

When all other natural remedies fail, plant extracts come to the rescue. Among these stellar samples of rejuvenation stands butterbur as one of the widespread remedies. It has been known to many cultures throughout history for a very simple reason that it prominently grows in Europe, Asia and even some parts of North America. It typically grows in damp areas or near a body of water and it is a known cure for respiratory irritations and allergies such as hay fever. As a traditional medicine for allergic rhinitis, it was used long before science has been able to do comprehensible studies, and the results of such studies are very promising. In other words, the effectiveness of butterbur extract on some symptoms of allergies are not a matter of folklore.

4. Apple cider vinegar

It sounds like it is too good to be true – apple cider vinegar is used extensively in home environments and for many things – from food preparation and homemade cleaning solutions to some domestic health hacks such as reducing temperature and, indeed, treating allergies. Apple cider is a known cleanser of the lymphatic systems and it reliably promotes the cleaning of respiratory tracts while it also reduces the production of mucus. If the taste and smell are too sharp for you, try adding a spoonful to a cup of hot water with some honey added to the mixture. Drink this each morning on a daily basis and, after about a week or two, your allergic symptoms might subside.

5. Nettle tea

The tea of the dried nettle leaf is known as an incredible immunity booster, a bona fide elixir that will promote the production of red blood cells. Did you know that nettle leaf, ingested in its many forms, can also aid your body to block the mechanism of histamine production? Histamine is one of the allergies’ secret weapons within your body and, to keep matters simple, the less of a presence it has in your bloodstream, the easier it will be for you during the height of the allergy season. Note that nettle leaf can also be ingested in the form of a supplemental capsule.

Nature is a perfectly balanced amalgamation of elements. As such, it offers a counterweight to most phenomena that befall us. However, if it is exceptionally hard for you to battle allergies on daily basis or keep them restrained in a way that doesn’t affect your life quality, it may be smart to resort to some more radical solutions such as vaccination. Still, there are many natural ways to defeat these pestering chronic allergies, and you should make sure that you have exhausted all of your options first.

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