All the esteem columns of newspapers ensured that with the cannabis act, Canada will become the next country after Uruguay to legalize CBD oil in its boundaries. For decades, there has been enormous debates and controversies in using CBD oil legitimately. But, after the bold initiative of the country, now people of Canada can explore incredible benefits of CBD oil without any allegation. It has also influenced many other major countries to deploy marijuana across the globe.

Below are such countries whose marijuana-legalizing step is going to influence the whole world to rethink about the legitimization of CBD oil. Although these countries haven’t legalized recreational marijuana yet. However, they have started their robust plan to bring home marijuana to buy CBD oil online without any complication.

United States of America

There are several strong indications which clearly states that the United States of America will soon legalize CBD oil in the open market. Perhaps, it will take a few years to accept marijuana at the federal level but seeing the fast pace of supporting marijuana by major states and politicians, it is certain that the oil will be legalized in coming 10 years.


Where other countries are skimming marijuana, Columbia is planning to become the largest producer of CBD oil in coming years. The country by accepting marijuana wants to deprive drug trafficking among the youngsters.


While Iceland strictly denies legalizing marijuana in the country and prohibits to buy CBD oil online freely, but some research unfurled that the country has paved its name in becoming the highest percentage of adults consuming drugs in the entire world. According to a report approx, 19% of Icelandic adults and teenage consume CBD oil. To deprive the deteriorating situation, it is estimated the country will sooner legalize the CBD oil.


The country has always been ahead in making prudent drug policy. 2001 law of drug decriminalization proved the country to become the most flexible among all. Portugal has always taken drugs as a form of medicines and not an offense. Therefore, cannabis is going to become the next viable steps in legalizing drugs, probably.

Czech Republic

The country has always become the major hotspots for CBD oil tourism across Europe. The country already has slack drug laws and they have also legitimized medical marijuana in 2013. Their recent statements have inclined towards robust indication that they will probably include cannabis as the major factor of boosting their tourism.


Yes, you read right. Jamaica is in this list that hasn’t legalized cannabis yet despite being the hub of CBD and its products. The country in 2015 accepted small amounts of drug possession and in 2016 it legalized medicinal marijuana. All these major steps clearly indicate that the country will sooner come in the list of marijuana countries.


While handling the authorities of the country, current president of France skims all the minor offenses related to drugs and marijuana. It is also estimated that the President is going to take many other steps in regards to legalize CBD oil in the coming few years.

Conclusion: In the recent epoch, marijuana or CBD oil has collected huge success in treating severe diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Attaining its more relevant advantages, many countries are following Canada to legalize marijuana that is mentioned above.

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