Total Biology: Healing At The Core

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Ever heard of “Total Biology?” Well, you may have heard it in the form of other therapies. Allow me to explain…

When discussing about homeopathy in both writing and in speech to healthcare professionals and laymen , I always stress how the core of most, if not all, chronic ailments stem from one or more mental and emotional struggles.

And as mentioned numerous times on this site, this type of “dis-ease” results from an imbalance in our vital force, the energetic essence that animates us.

This idea is also brought about by other systems of medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and other complementary therapies.

Yet some have scoffed at this theory.

Since most critics grew up with a western mind-set of medicine, in which the goal is to simply treat or at least suppress, physical symptoms in order to heal, it’s therefore not easy to digest the more holistic approaches of alternative medicine.

The What & How of Total Biology

Amazingly, there happens to be considerable research in this phenomenon.

Much of thisSee the genius of Total Biology in its scientific evidence of the relationship between the mind and body in holistic health! research has been first conducted by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a renowned German physician who is the founder of “New Medicine.”

The trigger to the above-mentioned research began about 20-30 years ago, when he found out that his 17 year old son was shot.

Three months later, he son succumbed to his wounds and died.

Dr. Hamer was completely shocked by the entire incident and mourned greatly for his son.

Soon after his son’s death, he discovered that he had testicular cancer. He was completely healthy before his son’s death.

Recognizing the fact that he contracted this cancer right after his son’s death, he set out to investigate to see if this was caused by his shocked, intense grieving over his son. His in-depth research examined thousands of patients who contracted the same testicular cancer he did.

After investigating each case to see if other factors could be considered, he found that in practically all cases of testicular cancer, the patients experienced an intense, shocked grief over the loss of a close loved one. This was immediately followed by the testicular cancer!

The fruit of this and other similar studies conducted by himself and his close student, Claude Sabbah, have lead to the discovery of an intriguing field of science known as Total Biology.


Scientific Mind-Body Healing

In short, the principles of Total Biology teach that every chronic physical symptom, even cancer, is linked or caused by a mental or emotional root deficiency.

A person’s mindset can either positively or negatively impact the biological processes that interact in his body. Homeopathy, acupuncture, and other holistic medicines aren't the only systems recognizing the mind-body connection in healing. See the neurological research behind this awesome phenomena!

Whether it’s the functioning of cells, the heart, blood pressure, or one’s urinary tract, they are all connected to a very specific thought, mentality, or emotion, and depending on the type, it has a direct effect on us.

Positive thinking, mentality, and emotions can help lead to proper biological processes continuing in our body. The opposite can essentially lead to more negative effects.

When Dr. Hamer was emotionally shocked over his son’s passing, this led to a profound biological effect on his testes, which produced a tumor.

When he began to recuperate and reverse his mindset from negative to positive, his tumor began to disappear as manifested in his body’s response.

If one really thinks about this, we are in much control of our health to a certain extent.

Of course, there are acute accidents that we can’t always avoid.

But if one is able to retain positivity, such as true happiness, tranquility, and confidence, it can act as a safeguard to numerous physical illnesses!


My Experience with Total Biology

In my experience in treating chronic issues with homeopathy, I have seen first hand how Total Biology fits into this holistic tradition.

Since I first learned about it from my homeopathic mentor, Robert Field, it has actually aided myself and others in finding the right remedy in each clinical case, whether in school or when helping loved ones.
While learning under Robert, we experienced numerous chronic cases. Using Total Biology, we were immediately able to find the right remedy by seeing how the physiological symptom was connected to a specific emotion or mentality.
Science is slowly realizing the Psychological/Neuro/Body connection in healing. Do you?
This also occurred in many cases where the patient barely discussed his or her mental or emotional ailments. Without exception, we were able to figure out and affirmatively confirm these symptoms with the patient.
In class, Robert told us that he has clinically seen total biology work in connecting physical and mental/emotional  symptoms “about 98% of the time” in his practice.
As for myself, I helped to treat two anonymous loved ones by seeing how some of their main symptoms correlated to deeper psychological issues. In both instances, I was able to successfully pick the right respective remedies for them.


Some Mind-Body Correlations – Examples


Here are some examples of how Total Biology shows the connection between certain physical symptoms and mental/emotional issues.
The following will present a physical body part and its corresponding mental/emotional symptom(s):
Thyroid is connected to self devaluation and the idea of not being able to keep up with others.
Colon cancer is connected to any mental or emotional retention.
Bladder is connected to a conflict in marking one’s own territory.
Bladder infections from sexual intercourse connects to an issue of a person being disgusted at oneself.
Skin is connected to a conflict regarding any type of separation and reconnection.
Urinary tract connects to a conflict around either a violation or it can relate to a person trying to establish oneself more wholesomely as an individual.
Feet connects to a conflict regarding a connection to one’s mother
Hips represent a conflict regarding sexuality.
Bone represents a conflict regarding one’s own identity.
Brain Section C56 connects to several conflicts including: injustice in movement, desire to escape unavoidable danger,  fear of death, and a depreciation related to inaccessible childhood dreams.
Hair loss combines the conflict of eczema (separation) and migraine (intellectual
Retirement can be one of two conflicts. It can either be an issue regarding craziness being idle or tiredness from longterm production and activity.
Teeth represent a conflict regarding retention of sad, depressed, or grieving feelings.
Chronic fatigue can include the following mental/emotional conflict in:
  • direction
  • self-devaluation.
  • displacement.
  • powerlessness.
  • related to liquids.
  • survival.
Breast issues represent a conflict regarding nurturing and/or giving love to another.
These are just some examples of the numerous holistic connections researched and investigated in this amazing field.


I hope you found this article to be interesting and informative.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please simply leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

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