Do you currently use an anti-bacterial soap? There are quite some people who are using this type of soap thinking that it would keep them guarded against severe illnesses and tough bacteria that linger. However, it may come into surprise, but you must be aware that some antibacterial soaps are not as they advertise. If you try to look at organic based soaps available in the market, you can tell that they are way better to use. In this article, we are going to look at the different benefits natural organic soaps have to offer for your skin.

Why Use Organic Soap?

It’s not uncommon for every family to have antibacterial soap in their house and it’s a good thing. But, why more and more people opt for organic soaps? According to research, advertised antibacterial soaps are too harsh or too rough for the skin which makes it difficult for your skin to react well to the chemicals that are found in these soaps. The chemicals present in the soap can cause irritation, soreness, and itchiness.

These antibacterial soaps can dry your skin over time. With these facts alone, it is not hard to see why many people opt for organic soaps. On the other hand, natural soaps do not contain any chemicals, which moisturizes your skin, instead of drying it. We have to tell you that both soaps can clean your skin, but when it comes to picking your soap, it is essential to go for the one that hydrates. It will keep your skin to look glowy.

Use Organic SoapsYour skin’s unpleasant reactions can be in the form of a rash or any irritation. Trust us, none of these will be a pleasant experience. By opting for an organic soap for your bathing use is like doing a big favor for your skin. Some organic soaps are African black soap body wash that is made with natural ingredients such as shea butter and palm seed oil. The FDA has shown reliable and different scientific evidence which proves that the prevention of illness is water and soap. They further added that the chemicals in these soaps are not safe for daily use, especially for children. It is essential to be aware of the soap you are using. It must be something safe and recommended by the FDA.

Some of the chemicals found in antibacterial soaps are triclocarban and triclosan. The African black soap body wash, foaming soap, and other can be excellent alternatives for your family’s safety and health. The following are the top reasons why:

1. Many of organic soaps are Cruelty-Free

When you are using an organic-based soap, these options are usually cruelty-free which means that none of the ingredients used in the soap production is tested on animals before it is packed and sold to the public. These soaps are tested on people’s skin itself; this ensures that even people with susceptible skin can use it. This is one of the reasons why more and more people opt for organic soaps. Soaps that are cruelty-free are tested by the dermatologists themselves to ensure that these soaps are suitable for the human skin. Just do note to look for an organic soap which has “cruelty-free” written on its package.

2. Organic soaps are gentle on skin

Soaps are based on bar soaps and foaming soaps, that’s why this type of soap tend to be gentler to use on the skin and is even ideal to use even for people who have very sensitive skin. It can also be a fantastic soap for young children’s to use. Your little children might find it very uncomfortable to have dry skin. You know children always have their bells ready when they feel something isn’t just right. It is a very healthy choice to go for this type of soaps since they are gentle to use for your skin. It moisturizes your skin for a longer time which is very beneficial.

You probably never want to go around and hang out with your family and friend with a flaky skin condition. To keep your skin soft, you can go for organic and natural alternatives that would help you keep your skin healthy.

3. Organic soaps don’t have any chemical ingredient in it

Why You Should Use Organic Soaps

It is essential for buyers to pay attention to what they are buying especially to the items that you are going to apply on your skin. These soaps do not have any pesticide and chemical content in it which is extremely helpful for the skin. All of the ingredients that are used in making organic soaps are natural. The ingredients can either come from herbs or plants. The production of soap does need to put any skin drying ingredients in it so that it can be considered as “antibacterial soap.” When washing your hands with organic soap, you will have peace of mind that you are not applying any chemical on your “hand washing process”.

Your children’s sensitive skin must be kept away from the chemical application. Your kids will thank you later for preserving their soft and hydrated skin. It’s not difficult to see why there are many homeowners go for organic soaps for the reason that it does have any pesticide in it.

4. Natural Soaps have antibacterial qualities

To be honest, you do need a strong ingredient to kill bacteria. Sometimes, bacteria can be killed with proper hand washing and natural soap that have mild antibacterial properties. Just like the African soap, it contains the natural oil from palm seeds. This oil is known for having anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help in washing off the bacteria with the help of flowing water. It’s not recommended that you soak both of your hands on a container when washing your hands, but you can place your hands against flowing water for bettering cleaning.

Since natural soaps are made from ingredients that can be found in Mother Nature, you can tell that these are 100% natural and you have 0% risk of synthetic chemical exposure. When you use a bar soap that you know will help your skin in improving its appearance is a big bonanza for you and your family. It is such a huge plus that these soaps can also protect your hands from harmful bacteria at the same time.

5. Organic soaps are 100% environmentally friendly

These soaps are far more biodegradable compared to advertised antibacterial soaps you see on TV; natural soaps do not contain any synthetic chemical, which means that there’s no pesticide or any chemical form added in its creation. Every bought, and it has that addicting fragrance, check the ingredients and the back and you would probably see, “artificial fragrance added” in there. With organic soaps, there is no artificial ingredient added; all are authentic.

These 5 reasons are the biggest reasons for why they pick organic soaps over antibacterial soaps.

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