Stress is more than just a feeling in your brain; it can also show up physically in the body. It can cause pain and do damage to various parts of the body. You need to be aware of what it can do and get serious about relieving it.

Stress Can Give You Headaches

You might notice headaches when you feel your worst. Tension headaches are common, and they may be caused by the jaw. You might find yourself waking up with sore teeth or catch yourself clenching your jaw during the day, especially when you are extra stressed. A TMJ dentist can see if your jaw is part of the problem, and although stress is part of the cause, as well, getting this help may ease the headaches some.

It Can Affect the Heart

Stress can do a lot to the body, and if you often experience a rapid heartbeat, then you need to get it under control. Not only is it frustrating to feel that way in a panicked moment, but it may lead to bigger issues. If you notice any symptoms with the heart, then you need to be serious about getting help before the stress leads to a heart attack. It’s better to be safe and visit a cardiologist to make sure your heart isn’t being severely affected by your stress. 

You Might Get Aches and Pains From It

Another physical symptom of stress is pain all over the body. Your muscles might tense up when stressed, or you might get a stomach ache. If you often experience back pain, then it could be the muscles in the back tensing up when stressed. If you have body aches, like you’re getting the flu, that could be a sign you need to start getting your stress under control. 

Stress Can Mess Up Your Hormones

There are no limits to the harm stress can do to your body, and one way it can be damaging is by messing up your hormones. It has been known to cause fertility problems. Stress can even make you more likely to get type 2 diabetes. It needs to be managed well so that you won’t have these hormonal issues.

It Can Make You Feel Tired

One of the most common ways stress shows up in the body is by making you feel fatigued. If you struggle to get out of bed or feel sleepy throughout each day, then it may be stress getting to you. It needs to be addressed so that you can feel more like yourself again. Morning meditation or yoga can help you get out of a funk and feel a little more energized and ready for the day. 

Everyone experiences physical symptoms of stress in different ways. One person has headaches and a sore back, while others struggle to get pregnant because of it. Stress is hard on the body, and when you feel the effects of it, you need to get help.

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