More often than not, the wellness of employees in the workplace is overlooked. This is despite the fact that there have been numerous studies that have provided enough body of evidence to prove that there is a direct correlation between the productivity of employees and their wellness. 

However, many companies have come to the realisation that the wellness of their employees is just as crucial as anything else in achieving bottom-line results. Therefore, companies are now focusing on healthy ways of improving employee wellness in the workplace.

Health and wellness in the workplace are essentially ensuring that your employees feel good and happy in the workplace that will go a long way in helping them lead a healthy lifestyle. It is the duty of employers to try as much as possible to foster the wellness of their employees by ensuring that they not only feel safe but also satisfied, happy and healthy. Here are some potentially clever ideas to get you started in improving your employees’ wellness.

1. Throw a corporate retreat and outing

It will be good for you to take your employees out of the work environment and organise some team building programs. Team building exercises have been proven to significantly improve the bonding experience among employees as well as boosting their morale. 

Team building exercises could range from sports activities to cookery events or even a problem-solving activity that will actively engage your employees but on a freer level. 

Why not hold a company fitness retreat in Bali? It is one of the incredible locations to have a corporate retreat for employees. You would be surprised at how much they would be willing to achieve afterwards.

2. Encourage lunch breaks

Almost everyone has that urge to power through lunch break just to make sure that they finish on some specific task that has them tied down to their work station. Many people may fail to see it but powering up through lunch breaks is actually counterintuitive and when the afternoon sets it, employees that skipped lunch break are more likely to go into a slump as compared to those who effectively took their lunch break off. 

Provide your employees with ample lunch break space to take some time off work and relax with their colleagues as they wait to take on the afternoon. It will help them shake off any bit of work-related stress.

3. Invest in ergonomic furniture and fittings

Research suggests that approximately 70% of health issues in the work environment are either orthopaedic or musculoskeletal disorders. These disorders plus other minor body strains like neck pains, joint or back pains compromise the overall employee’s quality of life, then hampers the quality of blood circulation, which may, in turn, affect vital health organs. 

You can adjust the furniture ergonomically especially the computer/laptop tops to be in such a way that the screen is at the eye level and at the same time the keyboards are at armrest level etc. You can also bring in some standing-desks or stability balls for employees to use.

4. Ensure good air quality indoors

This is especially important in the corporate world since employees spend up to 90% of their time indoors. The likelihood of indoor air quality being polluted is much higher than outdoors thus the need to make the station healthier by including open workspaces, situational plants, balconies and operable windows. Other possible methods include using non-toxic cleaning agents and regular maintenance of HVAC systems.

5. The ambience is just as critical

It is scientifically proven that the environment you work can easily depress or elevate your employees’ energy or mood. To avoid elements of depression, ensure that the work environment is designed with colour palettes that positively impact brain activity like red and orange, which are more likely to stimulate creativity. 

You can employ such colours on paintings, accent walls and even cushions. Creatively organise seating arrangements to avoid overcrowding, deploy good lighting and ensure there is sufficient noise control but incorporate some light music. 

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Maryn McDonnell

Maryn Mcdonnell is a creative content writer. She spends her days working closely with many entrepreneurs and creative thinkers internationally. Her interests include travel, self-improvement, and technology.

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