Being a complementary kind of medicine, homeopathy is usually used as a natural alternative to remedy some health conditions. 

One of the conditions being treated by homeopathy is anxiety. Some of the homeopathic treatments available are aconite, Pulsatilla, Lycopodium, and many more. 

There have already been numerous research efforts dedicated to determining how homeopathy helps in anxiety treatment.  Since homeopathy has been around for more than 2 centuries, the most prevalent proofs of its effectiveness are the claims of people that it’s working and is effective. 

Then again, there are also reports stating that homeopathy can also be biased, unscientific, and at worst, flawed. It is because of these claims that homeopathy is only considered as an alternative form of treatment. 

Despite these negative claims against this remedy, it can be agreed that it does have numerous merits such as placebo effect used in treating anxiety. 

Get to know Homeopathy 

This type of treatment started in the latter part of the 18th century. The premise of the said treatment is the “like treats and cures like” concept (Victoria State Government: 2018). It means that if one causes a disease, it can likewise be the cure for the same disease. 

To make homeopathic remedies, some substances need to dilute and thinned in water (British Homeopathic Association: 2018). Though some of these substances are highly toxic, they might still appear undetectable or low when viewed under the microscope. 

Substance extraction is the homeopathic remedy’s signature or trademark, the same process responsible for the method’s healing effects. 

Homeopathic remedies suitable for anxiety and panic attacks 

If you’re experiencing panic attacks and anxiety and you’re open to trying homeopathy notwithstanding its limited scientific bases, you can try the following treatment options.  You have to bear in mind, though, that these treatment methods are suggested by practitioners in the homeopathy field and clearly not by medical doctors. 


This treatment method is recommended by homeopathy practitioners and is ideal for fear, panic, and sudden and intense anxiety.  For some people, their panic anxiety is directly linked to past traumatic experience. To determine if the kind of panic you are experiencing is similar to this type, you can check out the following symptoms — fast heartbeat, dry mouth, and dry skin. 

Argentum nitricum

This form of homeopathic remedy is often recommended for individuals who are suffering from anxiety caused by something uncertain.  Examples of this kind of anxiety are fear of heights, hypochondria, claustrophobia, and other kinds of fears and phobias.  Anxiety based on uncertain facts and events can come with digestive disturbances in the form of irrational sweet cravings and diarrhea. 


This type of homeopathic remedy is best in dealing with anxiety accompanied by strong feelings of being inadequate.  People suffering from this type of anxiety often exhibit shakiness and being very timid. Also, they might also experience being inclined to fainting, may be feeling panicky when made to deliver a speech in public, while in a crowd, or with strangers. 

Since they have this feeling of being anxious while with other people, often times, they prefer being alone to avoid being pressured by other people. 


Ignatia is a form of homeopathic remedy recommended by most homeopathic practitioners for those people who are struggling with anxiety from loss or from grief.  Individuals with this kind of anxiety are often prone to erratic mood swings and sensitivity. They can quickly move from laughing to crying and vice-versa. This would be ideal for depression treatment.

Kali arsenicosum

This form of treatment is ideal for those who are suffering from health-based anxiety. Some of the known conditions falling under this category are fear of having a heart attack, excessive grooming, and hypochondria.  One common symptom of people experiencing this anxiety type is they have trouble sleeping. Aside from that, they might also have strong fears of dying or of death. 

Physical symptom could include feeling cold, hence, making them more susceptible to panic and anxiety attacks. 

Kali phophoricum

This type of remedy is ideal especially for those who have elevated tendencies of becoming stressed and overwhelmed.  The anxiety of this type of people emanates from having too many daunting ambitions or too many items on their to-do list.  Aside from the psychological effects, the anxiety of this kind might also take a physical toll on the person. 

Research Initiatives Centered on homeopathic remedies for anxiety 

High-quality investigation and studies backing up homeopathy are actually very few. This is also true in the case of research initiatives centered on homeopathic remedies for anxiety (NCCIH:2018). The reason for this lack of research efforts is the fact that the subject is quite challenging to probe within medicine.  To add insult to injury, if such treatment appears to be effective, the community is quick to attribute it to the famous placebo effect. 

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