Acid reflux is a very common stomach condition. It causes the stomach content to back up from the stomach to the esophagus. This causes irritation to the tissue lining and even up to your throat. There is a ring of muscle at the entrance of your stomach that works as a valve called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). When the food passes from esophagus to stomach, the LES normally closes immediately after the passing of food. But sometimes, it remains open or partially closed after the food passes to the stomach. In such condition, the acid that is produced in your stomach can move upwards to your esophagus,  causing you a feeling of burning chest pain called heartburn. If this happens more than twice a week then you are having the problem which is called acid reflux. Knowing what are the causes of acid reflux can help you to cure and prevent future cases to occur.

What Are The Causes Acid Reflux?

Certain foods are one of the main reasons behind acid reflux. There are certain kinds of food we intake that makes our stomach valve more relaxed.

When we consume spicy, fried food, high-calorie fat meats or different dairy products, they cause the sphincter muscle valve to remain open a bit resulting the acid content of the stomach moves upwards the esophagus.

If you take a good amount of spicy, greasy foods, caffeinated drinks, coffee or alcohol, it will definitely result in excessive production of stomach acid followed by acid reflux.

If your stomach produces a lot of acids and less amount of mucous that can also make your stomach valve week and as result remains a bit open causing the reflux of stomach acid.

Eating a heavy meal followed by sleeping can easily trigger acid reflux. When you arise, you can feel that from the sensation of your throat.


Other Major Causes

The people who are overweight may suffer more than the people of normal weight from acid reflux. It is due to the increased pressure of the body weight on the stomach, the stomach valve is more relaxed of the obese persons after their meal. That is why obesity is a major factor in causing frequent Acid Reflux.

A hiatus hernia is another important factor for acid reflux. In a hiatus hernia condition, LES and the upper part of the stomach move above your diaphragm which is the muscle separating your stomach from the chest.  The diaphragm has an important role to keep acid in our stomach.  But when you have a problem with a hiatus hernia, your stomach acid will move upward into your esophagus, resulting in irritation of Acid Reflux.

The stress factor is another major element for causing acid reflux. If you are overstressed by your professional activity along with a lot of tension, anxiety and worry, it will trigger producing more stomach acid and as result will acid reflux causes as well.


Treatments for Acid Reflux

The intake of pain-relieving medicines like Brufen, Diclofenac, Paracetamol etc is also one of the reasons for stimulating acid reflux.

From a natural and holistic perspective, homeopathy is another great solution to gently and efficiently eliminate acid reflux.



Some Risk Factors

  • To avoid the risk of frequent occurrence of Acid Reflux you are advised to adopt some measure.
  • You should avoid frequently taking spicy and fatty meals.
  • Restrain yourself from immediately going to bed after a heavy meal.
  • Avoid smoking cigarette and consuming alcohol as much as possible.
  • Always be cautious while taking painkiller drugs.




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