If you’re looking for a primary care physician or a specialist in a specific medical field, it’s likely you’re overwhelmed at the options that are available to you. You want a great doctor that is good at what they do and can provide patient communication with ease. Choosing a doctor that fits this bill is fairly easy to do if you fall the steps below.

Are They in Your Network?

Having healthcare insurance can help to save you a bundle when it comes to your healthcare expenses. Most insurance companies will only work with select medical health professionals in your area. If you go to a doctor that is not part of their network, they will not cover the visit. So, your first step in finding a great doctor is getting a list of approved physicians from your healthcare insurance provider.

Is the Doctor Receiving Lots of Funding from Your Insurance Company?

Just as in any industry, not everything is done with the consumer’s best interest in mind. In fact, you may find that some physicians have been charged with not properly diagnosing patients to save the insurance company from paying excess medical bills. To help keep your best interest in mind, it can be a good idea to look at the aggregate spend reporting solution for HCPs & HCOs that shares how those in the medical industry spend their money. For example, you can see how your healthcare insurance company spends its money, including what gifts are given to their approved physicians.

Are They Available After Hours?

Many times when consumers pick a primary physician, they make their decision based on location instead of considering other important factors. The hours that your physician is available should be a big deciding factor of who you go to. Would you like to be able to visit your doctor in the evening so you don’t have to take time off of work? If so, you’ll want to find a doctor that has evening hours. If you have a problem late at night that doesn’t warrant the emergency room, will your doctor be available to see you? You may want to look for a physician that offers after-hours availability.

Are You More Comfortable with the Same Gender Doctor?

Some people may not care either way whether their doctor is male or female. Others may only feel comfortable with a doctor of the same gender. When doing your research on primary physicians in your area, be sure to consider gender a factor if it’s important to you being comfortable talking with them.

Choosing a healthcare provider takes some research and deciding what you want in that provider. You should start by answering the above questions to ensure that you find a provider that is going to meet your individual preferences. Then, continue to narrow down your list based on other factors such as their experience, distance from your work or home, and so forth.

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