What is Biofeedback and How It Can Help You!

We love natural forms of treatment that are safe and can be used by almost anyone. Modern developments in technology and medicine have led to the discovery of potentially life changing alternative treatment forms. One of these discoveries is biofeedback therapy. This modality works by monitoring they body’s biological reactions to electrodes in order to record vital measurements. Scroll down to learn more about what is biofeedback and how it can enhance your health and wellbeing…


What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is an alternative therapy that can be used to treat many medical conditions. This can include gastrointestinal problems, neurological disorders and even high blood pressure.  

Biofeedback has its roots in relaxation therapy and was initially used to treat stress-related disorders such as anxiety. Today, it is being applied to many more medical conditions. In biofeedback, machines administer electrodes and sensors to evoke bodily responses. Responses such as temperature, sweat gland activity and skin conductance are then recorded. With this data, biofeedback therapists are able prescribe appropriate treatments that target certain psychological and physical symptoms.

Biofeedback therapy does not include the use of pharmaceuticals. It is a great alternative for people who cannot or do not want to use drug-based therapy.

Biofeedback treatment can also assist with other medical issues and can be administered through five different types of biofeedback machines.


The Health Benefits of Biofeedback

Treatment plans make use of relaxation techniques and mental exercises in order to train the brain in a way that allows patients to better control bodily responses. Biofeedback helps patients regain autonomy over their bodies and is a great alternative to drug-based medicines that usually carry mild to severe side effects.

The informative infographic from psysci.co below reveals more about this non-invasive form of therapy that can be used safely at home to assist in recovering from several medical conditions.Take a look at the informative infographic for psysci.co below to get an overview of the different machines and find out how they can be administered at home to help provide relief.

Consider trying biofeedback therapy for a healthier, happier version of yourself! Here’s to health, wealth and happiness – the holistic way!



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