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COVID-19 has exposed a lot about this world, and it’s bound to create permanent changes that few saw coming before the pandemic. The following are some ways the world might change after all this is over.


Several places around the world provide some type of universal healthcare, but there are a few countries that don’t. This pandemic has shown folks how flawed employer-based healthcare is. A lot of folks have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and now they don’t have health insurance.

It is possibly the worst time to be without healthcare, yet this is the reality many people are facing. The pandemic might have solidified the idea that people deserve to be covered completely and not have to depend on employers to keep them covered. The health care industry may change after this.


There’s no way around the fact that even if countries start to reopen people are concerned about their health. Sure, there are a few people out there who don’t think much of this pandemic, but a lot of people are worried. This worry is going to change people’s behavior in several ways.

Folks are going to worry about protecting themselves more by doing things like wearing an ultra thin face mask or by making sure they use hand sanitizers whenever possible. These changes won’t stop because a few political figures tell them to stop worrying. People have seen how easily a deadly pandemic can spread, and they’ve seen how easily it can be controlled with tools like masks and gloves.


Education is another thing that is going to change. It is clear that educators can teach through technology. Tech will probably improve because of this pandemic. More people may start to take online classes than ever before.

For a long time, online classes were not given the respect they deserve, but the pandemic has changed all of that. There could be more students per classroom if the classrooms are virtual. This could change hiring practices in different schools. A few safety procedures will be adopted by schools to keep their students and faculty safe. Dorm living might not be as popular as it once was, and college kids might not be willing to have roommates for some time.


COVID-19 has also changed people’s relationship with the internet. The pandemic shows that wi-fi deserts need to be dealt with. Some countries around the world have already taken steps to ensure that the internet reaches everyone including folks living in rural areas. Children who don’t have access to the internet in certain areas have a hard time attending school.

This harsh reality is not something folks will likely forget. They will demand their governments to solve this problem. One way some countries are doing this is by nationalizing the internet though this is just one solution. Many countries have done things like this before, like how everyone has access to radio waves or how television can be watched from anywhere in the world. There’s no telling how long this fight will continue, but it’s coming.


There’s no doubt that entertainment has suffered a big blow, but people are still hungry for entertainment. When entertainment does return, it’s probably going to come with several changes. The restaurant business got hit hard; several small restaurant owners had to close their doors permanently. Folks who can open up are probably going to do so with big changes.

Some people may switch from an indoor restaurant to an outdoor one. Food delivery might continue to dominate this industry, and restaurant owners will have to adjust to that. Drive-in theaters and concerts might become the new normal for a while, which could change the way folks gather. Even the way folks film movies and shows is probably going to change for some time. There could be a greater emphasis on animation, or there could be an effort to make movies with much smaller casts.

These are just some things that could be around the corner after COVID-19. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on everything that is to come after such a devastating human event.

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