If you were wondering what pain management is then this article is for you. Pain management is focused on pain reduction. This branch of medicine covers a great number of conditions like sciatica, neuropathic pain, postoperative pain, etc. Pain management is a fast-growing medical specialty that uses an interdisciplinary approach to managing all types of pain. It means that your doctor may refer you to a pain management specialist if your pain is out of control.

Pain management specialist

Pain management doctors acknowledge the complicated nature of pain and a pain specialist approaches the problem from every angle. Treatment in a pain clinic should be patient-oriented, but in reality, it may depend on the resources available in the facility. There are still no instituted standards for the types of methods that should be involved and this is another reason why treatment options will vary in different clinics.

But the institution should offer patients at least three types of doctors: 

  • a coordinating doctor who consults specialists on your behalf
  • a physical rehabilitation specialist
  • a psychiatrist to help you deal with any depression or anxiety, especially if you suffer from chronic pain

There are some other medical specialties in pain management such as neurosurgery, anesthesiology, and internal medicine. Your coordinating physician may refer you to social workers, occupational health professionals, or complementary and alternative medicine specialists as well. A pain management doctor should also limit his or her practice to the specialty in which they are certified.

What is pain management aimed at?

The field of pain management is aimed to treat different kinds of pain. Pain can come from primary sources such as headaches and from secondary sources like surgery. Pain management involves science and the latest advances in medicine to alleviate your pain. Despite the fact that more and more patients (especially those who suffer from chronic pain) visit a psychiatrist or therapist as a part of their therapy, learning how to cope with pain is becoming a less significant goal of treatment.

There are a lot of methods such as interventional pain management techniques (nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulators, and similar treatments), medication, physical therapy, and alternative medicine that help ease the pain.

The main purpose of pain management is to reduce painful sensations, rather than eliminate them because it is not always possible to completely get rid of them. There are two other goals of managing pain such as to improve your body function and enhance the quality of life. These three goals are united and focused in the same direction.

A pain management program can be very beneficial for those who have back and neck pain, those who have undergone many back surgeries, including unsuccessful ones and still suffer from pain, those with neuropathy, and those for whom it was determined that the surgery would not improve their condition.

What difficulties are linked to pain management?

You need to know that people who have an addiction to painkillers need some more advanced help than a pain management program can provide them. A chronic pain rehabilitation program is the most suitable choice for these people.

The results of pain management research are not always relevant to the problems that patients face in clinics every day. Unfortunately, this negatively affects the payment of insurance reimbursement as well as the standardization of this medical branch.

A better knowledge of pain symptoms by communities and insurance companies and more pain research will help improve insurance coverage for pain management procedures. The use of technology will help improve the results of interventional pain treatments in the future.

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