Are Bananas Really Protected Behind the Peel?

People are often concerned about the ingredients in their food. It’s
understandable, since insurance rates have gone up partly due to food
toxicity. Many people base their grocery budget on the dirty dozen list
composed by the Environmental Working Group. Since regular bananas have
never been on that list, so most people assume they’re clean to eat. But
is that really true?

The Truth Behind the Peel

Even though the fruit of a banana is behind a peel, it’s a natural
assumption that there wouldn’t be any man-made chemicals to worry about.
But also keep in mind that bananas were never included in the “clean
fifteen” list either. The nasty reality: regular bananas are still toxic
because they carry pesticides from the soil of the plant which they were

Regular Bananas Cause Unnecessary Health Issues

Pesticides were intended to kill bugs, but since they technically hurt
the environment, they’re also quite toxic for humans. It can increase a
human’s likelihood of getting numerous fatal issues like cancer,
reproduction issues, neurotoxicity, etc. These issues are easily
avoidable. Eating organic produce can help save you unnecessary visits
to the doctor.

Opt for USDA Organic Bananas Instead

When you opt to buy organic bananas instead, you’re saving yourself and
the farmers who handle producing regular bananas from coming into
contact with toxins. Organic bananas are never handled with chemicals or
pesticides. Plus, organic bananas taste fresher, and they’re richer in
antioxidants, including flavonoids.

Eating All Organic Produce Will Help Drop Insurance Costs

Insurance rates continue to get more costly as more people are being
diagnosed with unnecessary illnesses. It’s so tempting to look for ways
to slash your grocery budget, and it’s only natural to feel annoyed at
the additional costs of shopping organic. Keep in mind that eating clean
will give you an opportunity to spend less money on insurance, and it’ll
enable you to feel healthier.

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