Back pain is something you get used to when expecting a baby. You expect not only to see your child and welcome it in this world, but also to feel free from back pain at last. The labor is over, months go by but the pain doesn’t disappear. What’s the problem?

Normally, back pain should pass within six months after labor. The level of relaxin hormone drops to its usual level during this period. However, pain can stay up to a year because of the big amount of physical activity of the novice mother. If it lasts longer than that – you have a problem that needs to be solved.

Causes of Postpartum Back Pain

  • The reaction of your body to great physical changes the labor brings. It can also be a consequence of the great stress a woman goes through in labor.
  • During pregnancy, the body releases hormones – progesterone and relaxin – to weaken the pelvic ligaments and joints in order to ease the birth of the baby. Their weakness causes back pain. These hormones need time to come back to their usual balance.
  • The wrong posture strains the muscles and may cause back pain. This especially concerns your body position when you breastfeed.
  • The uterus extends in width during pregnancy. This causes weakening of the pelvic muscles. In addition, an extended uterus pulls forward the lower part of the spine, squeezing your lower back muscles.
  • Obesity causes excessive strain over the back that leads to pain.
  • Many diseases get aggravated after labor, so if you had any issues with your spine, they will most likely continue after pregnancy as well.

How You Can Ease Your Back Pain at Home

  • Try yoga. It is famous for the relief it brings to muscles and ligaments that are constantly tense.
  • Swimming helps strengthen the muscles so it will be good for your back as well.
  • Take outdoor walks daily.
  • Mind your posture, especially when you breastfeed your baby. When you sit, your spine should be in a vertical position. If you don’t feel comfortable, feed the child in a laying position.
  • You must be absolutely comfortable when you sit. Take as many pillows as you need to feel relaxed. You can also put something on the floor to keep your feet up.
  • Don’t carry your baby on your hip all the time. Do it in a different way each time.
  • Don’t wear high heels during the first two months after labor. If you had a problem with back pain before, it’s better to always choose comfortable footwear.
  • Sleep comfortably. Choose an orthopedic mattress and soft pillows.
  • If you need to bend down, it’s better to squat.
  • Hire someone to help you with chores and the child so you won’t overstrain your painful spine.

If nothing helps, you should visit your doctor and consider an option of chronic back pain treatment.

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