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Benefits Of Collaborating With This Blog

Naturalholistichomeopathic.com is an up and coming natural health blog that attracts thousands of readers from all around the world ranging from the United States to India, and beyond.

We cater to the alternative health community that includes those interested in homeopathy and other forms of natural and holistic health as well as general wellness.

The trend of this niche grows exponentially every year as more and more health conscious people look for alternatives to regaining their general well being. This requires more demand for practitioners as well as others offering services for this fast growing niche.

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Rules for Contributors & Articles

  1. Any form of plagiarism is not allowed.
  2. Articles must be original works of your own. This can include a previously published article or a new one.
  3. Article topics must be related to health, wellness, and/or fitness.
  4. Inappropriate images or words are not allowed.
  5. Articles must be at least 300 words or more.
  6. If an article is more than 300 words in length, there must be headings for each section.
  7. Every paragraph cannot be more than 3-4 lines.
  8. It is required to include at least 1 picture in your article.
  9. Please include a short bio of the author and a picture of the author.
  10. Meta descriptions must be included in all articles.

You can place affiliate links in your article, but we reserve the right to add our own links if we want. Any links you have in your article will obviously stay.

NOTE: we reserve the full authority to edit articles as we see fit, especially to improve SEO.


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