Do you have a busy and stressed out life? By the time you go home you’re so burnt out that you don’t even feel like moving? Luckily for you, we have the perfect solution: inversion poses.

Practicing inversion yoga poses keeps you stress-free. This also helps to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Inversion yoga is all about overcoming your fears and learning to trust yourself. It may seem scary, the idea of being upside down. But once you get over the fear and clear out your hesitations, you’ll find yourself to have a whole new perspective towards life.


What Is Inversion Yoga and Why Is It So Important?

Inversion Poses

Many people often wonder what inversion yoga is. What’s so special about it?

Inversion Yoga poses are all about elevating the level of your heart higher than the level of your head. The poses are challenging at first, but with practice, it becomes easy.

This is a great way to be more fit and physically, mentally and emotionally rested. They come with tons of advantages.

Not only do they help calm you down, but these poses also help women with their menstruation cycles. From correcting a displaced uterus to helping the fallopian tubes to be in line. Inversion poses are a blessing to us women!

That being said, let’s get right down to it. Here are 5 poses for beginners to try out.

1. Legs Up the Wall Pose – “Viparita Karani”

Legs up the wall pose – also known as the Inverted Pose. This is a therapeutic pose that basically exists to relax you, allowing your mind and body to be stress-free.

The Viparita Karani pose isn’t too hard to do. You don’t have to be extra flexible or super strong to pull off this pose. It may seem laid-back but I assure you, it’s beneficial.

First of all, this pose helps to circulate blood to your head, neck, and throat. As a result, the several nerves that are connected to the brain, the thyroid, and pituitary gland are filled with a new sense of vitality.

The Benefits:

• Gets rid of tension and stress
• Decreases lower back pain significantly
• Helps ease menstrual cramps and lessens problems with menopause
• Revamps digestive systems
• Reduces headaches and helps to cure migraine attacks
• Lifts the mood and fixes sleeping disorders
• Eases swollen ankles and improves varicose veins

Whenever you’re attempting this pose, remember to breathe normally, keeping your legs in rhythm along with it.


2. The Downward Facing Dog – “Adho Mukha Svanasana”

A lot of beginners are familiar with this inversion pose. It’s a common one amongst them. This is a normal pose that is pretty easy to execute if you practice regularly.

The Downward Facing Dog pose calms your nervous system. Many use this pose to stretch after a good workout. It’s also another pose that helps women greatly with irregular and painful menstrual cycles.

The Benefits:

• Extends your spine, making it free of tension
• Relieves sciatica pains
• Decreases issues with sinusitis
• Strengthens arms, back, and shoulders
• Helps clear out problems with digestion
• Gives your hands, hamstrings, and calves a good stretch
• Heals back pain and headaches
• Relaxes and regenerates the body
• Helps you sleep without any problems
• Soothes cramps – both pre and post menstrual

To open up your shoulders during this pose, use a yoga block or a chair. Place them a foot away from your legs to support your weight.


3. The HeadStand – “Sirsasana”

Does your hair lack the right volume? Whatever you do, hair fall doesn’t stop? Ladies, let me tell you that you’re not alone. If you’re facing these problems, then this is the pose for you.

Just as the name suggests, this pose renders you to invert yourself fully. In this pose your head, supported by your arms, is resting on the floor while your feet placed securely in the air.

This way, nutrients, and oxygens are delivered to your head and scalp. Not to mention, the eyes too. It’s a great way to give your scalp the circulation it needs.

Although this pose is rather complicated, it’s perfectly applicable for beginners. The name itself is challenging and scary.

The Benefits:

• Enhances muscles in the arms, neck, and shoulders
• Anti-aging benefits
• Bolsters digestive systems
• Causes decrease in stress and depression
• Blood circulation to pituitary and pineal glands
• Cures symptoms of insomnia and headaches
• Fights infertility problems
• Brings relief to premenstrual, menstrual, and menopausal symptoms
• Tones your core muscles and gives your lungs a boost

Be advised that if you have hypertension, or back, and neck injuries you must not attempt this pose. Pregnant women are also refrained from practicing this pose.

If you’re facing difficulty keeping your elbows straight, use a strap to coil it over your arms. Stretch and adjust the strap to widen the shoulders to fit them perfectly around your arms.

Please don’t practice this pose if you’re not familiar with it at all. A simple misstep may cause a fatal accident. So, be careful!


4. Hare Pose – “Shashankasana”

This is probably one of the poses that might pose a real challenge for a beginner. But once you get comfortable with this pose, you will see marvelous results.

Even though it’s not really a full inversion, it helps correct your posture. The Hare pose is also known to bring relief to people who have chronic back pain and neck aches.

The Benefits:

• Stretches the back to make your spine more flexible
• Sculpts thigh muscles
• Improves posture
• Helps with indigestion and acidity
• Makes you feel relaxed completely
• Reforms blood circulation to your head to give you an energy boost
• Maintains a balance of hormones

Before attempting this pose, remember to master the diamond pose first. End the pose gently to avoid feeling lightheadedness. And again, people with dizziness and hypertension should avoid this pose.


5. Dolphin Pose – “Ardha Pincha Mayurasana”

This pose is also known as the ‘Puppy’ pose. It has some alterations of the Downward Facing Dog Pose. And yet, this is a pose that is deemed gentle and perfect for beginners.

The Dolphin pose mainly helps to focus and strengthen your upper back, core, and shoulder. This is also another one of those inversion poses that help women with menstrual problems.

The Benefits:

• Reinforces muscles in your arms and shoulders
• Heals chronic back pains
• Relaxes and unwinds your body and mind
• Reduces stress and anxiousness
• Fights insomnia
• Toughens up the core muscles, giving you sculpted abs
• Ease problems with asthma, hypertension, sciatica etc
• Combats menstrual and menopausal issues

To be extra cautious, place a pillow to help support your neck. Slowly raise your elbows, placing your wrists on the floor, and open up your shoulders.

Yoga Inversion Poses – In Conclusion

It’s known to be most helpful and rejuvenating if you practice inversion poses early in the morning. Practice these poses in the correct way and with proper guidance. These poses will help keep your mind rejuvenated throughout the day.

Take some time out of your busy life and give yourself the chance to reinvent yourself in a new light. Add these poses into your daily routine, invest in good inversion tables and experience the results yourself.

And remember, women who are pregnant or are having their menstrual cycles are advised not to practice inversion yoga. It’s best if you consult with your doctor before attempting these poses if you’re pregnant.

So, practice with caution and help yourself build a great lifestyle!\


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