A lot of people know that strength and core training help men boost their testosterone levels. But, only a few know that yoga can be as beneficial as strength training in terms of increasing your testosterone levels. It is hard to believe that stretching and meditation can increase testosterone. This is because testosterone is always linked to aggression and sex drive. But, it is true. Yoga can help you. So, here are some yoga poses that will boost your testosterone levels.

Shoulder stand

This yoga pose needs the support of your arms and requires some balance. It is actually easier than it looks. The shoulder stand is also a post that was proven to increase testosterone levels. Actually, researchers found that upside-down poses are good for a man’s reproductive health. So, if you do not want to go the medical route like going to an Erectile Dysfunction clinic in Kansas City, yoga is one of the best alternatives to increase testosterone.

Full Lotus

This is one of the most recognized yoga poses. This is the best position for meditation, as well as for your hips flexibility. On top of these, it is also proven to increase testosterone levels. There was a study done in the 1970s which included this pose in a six-month program. After the research, the results showed that there was a significant increase in the testosterone levels of the participants. Typically, you should practice the butterfly pose first before you can do this post correctly. As you get used to it, the better your posture will be.

Cobra Pose

This pose is used to strengthen the spine and buttocks. Other than those, it is also proven to increase testosterone levels. There was a study that was published in Human Physiology that showed that participants who did this pose had lower cortisol levels which in turn increased their testosterone levels.


These are some examples of yoga poses that you can do to increase your testosterone levels. There are more poses that you can do. But, this is an excellent place to start.

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