July 2015


The Proven Effectiveness of Homeopathic Medicine For Depression

28.7.2015 | 14:45 | Read article

In a previous post, I discussed several of the best of acute Homeopathic medicine for depression. To view them, click here. I also mentioned how…


Homeopathic Remedies for DEPRESSION: Mental Health Boosters

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Contrary to our expectations, life isn’t always perfect. At certain points of our lives, we somehow manage to hit low points. We may feel very…


Why’s that Salt Pink?! Find Out Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

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One night, after spending the weekend with my family in New Jersey and while preparing to drive back to Touro College in Queens, I was…


Research Clears Doubts on Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety

14.7.2015 | 18:50 | Read article

I have to admit. While investigating studies that either support or deny Homeopathy’s ability to treat acute anxiety, it was very difficult to find clinically valid…

Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Review – The Wonders of Fatty Fish

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Product: Nordic Naturals Complete Omega Fish Oil Price: Depending on the bottle, anywhere between appx. $17-$60 Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com Tested: Yes Guarantee: Best…


Take a Breather: Here’s Some Homeopathic Anxiety Relief!

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Throughout life, we are bombarded with pressures, pressures, and more pressures. Whether it’s coming from school, work, family, or something else, the pressures endured from…

Oscillococcinum is derived from the liver and hearts of ducks.

Oscillococcinum Reviews Based on Clinical Evidence

3.7.2015 | 14:13 | Read article

During the winter season one of the most common health issues facing everybody is influenza. Luckily, for those bracing themselves for the winter and all year…