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Arnica Montana Homeopathic Medicine: Your Surgical Savior

19.10.2015 | 17:31 | Read article

Surgery is an important operation that is often employed with great necessity. Thank G-d that we have this kind of technology that can save lives….


Before You Buy Homeopathic Medicine, READ THIS!

13.10.2015 | 20:03 | Read article

Many times when we purchase or are prescribed a homeopathic remedy by a certified homeopath, we expect to get the “magic” healing that we’ve been…

Which Homeopathic Remedy Kit Should You Buy?

1.9.2015 | 17:19 | Read article

Product: Homeopathy World 36 Homeopathic Remedy Deluxe Starter Kit Price: $72.99 Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com [*Prime shipping included*] Guarantee: As long as it’s kept at room temperature, for…


Clinical Trials Say Yes To Homeopathy For Insomnia

26.8.2015 | 15:41 | Read article

Recently, I introduced effective Homeopathic remedies for sleep problems, including insomnia. The remedies I suggested based on my research and training include Cocculus, Caffea Cruda,…


Homeopathic Remedies for Stings: Take Control of Your Booboos!

11.8.2015 | 13:45 | Read article

Imagine this scenario: Your outside with a couple of friends hiking through a forest. The sky is beautiful, the trees are majestic, and the air…

Research Proves Homeopathy’s Effectiveness Against Diarrhea

22.6.2015 | 17:29 | Read article

In 1994, 2000, and 2003, physicians from the University of Washington & University of Guadalajara tested the use of homeopathic treatments for diarrhea on 81 Nicaraguan…