Arnicare gel: just as effective, better, or worse than the regular Arnica pellet remedies? Click here to find out more

Arnica Gel Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Product: Boiron Arnicare Arnica Gel Price: Between $7.24-$25.21, depending on the size of the pack. Cheapest Place to Buy: [FREE shipping]. Guarantee: Yes, according to most research Tested: 4.5/5 stars on…

surgical room

Arnica Montana Homeopathic Medicine: Your Surgical Savior

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Surgery is an important operation that is often employed with great necessity. Thank G-d that we have this kind of technology that can save lives….

Unfortunately, no one is immune to grief. See how Homeopathy can help you cope and rise above the grieving process

Homeopathic Grief Remedies: A Comforting Consolation

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Grieving over a personal loss, such as a loved one, can be tough. It is also a natural part of life and a healthy way…


Before You Buy Homeopathic Medicine, READ THIS!

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Many times when we purchase or are prescribed a homeopathic remedy by a certified homeopath, we expect to get the “magic” healing that we’ve been…

Drugs are NOT the way!

Thinking About Alternative Drug Therapy?

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In today’s world, we are plagued by a host of recreational drugs and substances, such as alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine, among others. Although recreational drug…


Best Natural Cures For Insomnia: Ready To Snooze?

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Recently, I shared with you several great Homeopathic treatment for insomnia.  I also backed up the remedies I provided with clinical research that validated the fact…

Which Homeopathic Remedy Kit Should You Buy?

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Product: Homeopathy World 36 Homeopathic Remedy Deluxe Starter Kit Price: $72.99 Cheapest Place to Buy: [*Prime shipping included*] Guarantee: As long as it’s kept at room temperature, for…


Pro-15 Probiotics Reviews: Your Ordinary Probiotic?

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There are so many probiotic supplements that people buy today. Yet it’s not always so clear which one may be the best choice or fit….


Clinical Trials Say Yes To Homeopathy For Insomnia

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Recently, I introduced effective Homeopathic remedies for sleep problems, including insomnia. The remedies I suggested based on my research and training include Cocculus, Caffea Cruda,…

Xlear Nasal Spray Reviews [Continued]

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In case you had doubts on my recent article on Xlear Nasal Spray, here’s a live testimonial from Smallflower.tov: