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Arnica Gel Reviews – Legit or Scam?

28.10.2015 | 14:57

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Product: Boiron Arnicare Arnica Gel

Price: Between $7.24-$25.21, depending on the size of the pack.

Cheapest Place to Buy: [FREE shipping].

Guarantee: Yes, according to most research

Tested: 4.5/5 stars on Amazon by almost 700 Amazon buyers

My Rating: 7/10


The Arnicare Gel – It’s Just The Arnica Remedy in Gel Form

In a nut shell, Boiron’s Arnicare gel is more or less the same as the homeopathic remedy Arnica It's great, but not exactly homeopathic...Montana, but it’s in a different form-gel.

The Arnica remedy is essentially taken at a 1X potency, which is in it’s least diluted form. The remedy itself is mixed into a gel, which contains other safe ingredients, and when all of this is mixed together, it creates what we call: the Arnica gel.

Although it has the same purposes as a regular potentized, homeopathic Arnica remedy, it comes with both important positives and negatives, since it is not exactly 100% homeopathic.

By the way, there are numerous Arnica gel reviews out there on the internet, yet the problem though is that most of the reviews are conducted by people who don’t really have a thorough knowledge of homeopathy. To them, homeopathy = herbs, which is a major misconception.

As a student of Homeopathy [and soon to be homeopath, G-d willing] I’d like to share with you my unbiased perspective on the Arnica gel, which will allow you to fully understand whether this product is right for you or not.


The Pro’s – It Does Show To Work!


Arnicare gel can fit in the palm of your hand! But a regular remedy is even smaller and better :)Let me be clear: despite the fact that the Arnica gel is different from other homeopathic remedies, it does indeed work.

Like the potentized Arnica remedy, the Arnica gel has been shown to be highly effective for a wide variety of injuries, bruising, pains, and even for pre and post surgeries and operations.

It’s able to soothe the skin, even on delicate skin types, and it’s got a few perks over your average gel:

  • it’s unscented
  • it’s preservative-free
  • it’s not sticky
  • it’s not greasy
  • your skin can quickly absorb this gel.


What Does the Research Show?


Additionally, there is a lot of research supporting the effectiveness of the Arnica gel, as well as the regular Arnica remedy. These studies found Arnica to work just as effectively as prescription drugs, and better than a placebo:

    • [Only massaging with the Arnica gel was shown effective in this study]


To see each study in detail, copy and paste any of the above links into your browser.



Arnica Gel + Pharmacists = Unlikely Buddies

Arnica gel is highly recommended even by pharmacists. Click here to learn more about Anricare:

Surprisingly, after noticing their effectiveness and popularity, many pharmacists are now including the Arnica gel in their pharmacies.

And they seem to be publicly raving about it.

From 2012-2014, the Pharmacy Times conducted a survey on thousands of pharmacists, who voted that their most recommended Homeopathic product is the Arnica gel.

In 2015, the O.T.C. Survey of Pharmacists also recommended the Arnica gel as one of their top products.

Furthermore, this product is included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.


The Arnica Gel Works, But…


There’s no doubt that the Arnica gel works and used properly it can get the results needed.

That being the case, the Arnica gel does come with some negatives which are worth knowing. All of the negatives of the Arnica gel are derived from the fact that it is not 100% homeopathic, which I mentioned at least twice before.

Though Arnica montana 1x is used, it is diluted into a gel form, which may have major ramifications on its usage.

What does this mean?


Con #1: Not As Effective As The Regular Remedy


Traditionally, homeopathy has to proven to work best when a remedy is prepared and made into a potentized remedy, as Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., the founder of modern Homeopathy, outlined in the Organon.

That way, it’s energetic healing abilities can be maintained in their purest form without any outside interferences. When that type of remedy is given to a person orally, this provides the physical inspiration for our bodies and mind to rebalance itself in the deepest and most profound way possible.

Therefore, when Arnica montana at a 30c or 200c [or whichever potency is recommended by your homeopath] is used normally, this can bring about the best form of healing, since the pellet itself isn’t being mixed in with other substances such as a gel. It allows the energy inside the remedy to fully heal.

Once you take this same remedy and mix it with a substance like a gel, you’ve now begun to limit the remedy’s ability to heal on the best and highest level possible, especially in an acute situation. The energy may be absorbed by the gel, and thus filtered by the time it enters you’re body.

Also, a 1x potency is not as powerful as a 30c or 200c potency, which is the potency found in the gel.

Understandably, the Arnica gel should only be put on the infected area on your skin. But regular remedies in pellet or water form generally tend to work the best when inserted orally.

To summarize, the Arnica gel may work very well for you. But the regular potentized remedy in sugar pellet form [or water] usually works even better.


Con #2: Potential Side Effects


Additionally, the gel form of Arnica montana may include side effects. Because it is mixed with a gel, side effects may include irritation of the skin.

If swallowed accidentally or used too much in quantity, it can also pose serious issues.

Keep in mind that all homeopathic remedies in sugar pellet form are F.D.A. approved and do not pose any side effects whatsoever.


Con #3: Arnicare Gel Costs More Than The Arnica Montana Remedy Itself


The Arnica gel can go for $7.24 and higher. Usually, the gels are much higher.

However, the Arnica homeopathic remedies can be slightly cheaper or around half the price.

Keep in mind also that remedies can last a very long time, usually for around 2 years, and that when using a remedy, you only need to use one pellet for each dose, not more.


Final Verdict: Best to Stick With The Regular Remedy


Arnica Combo Pack: The Gel & Pellets Together!

Your best option is to solely stick with the regular Arnica remedy in pellet form. It works more efficiently, it doesn’t have any side effects, and it is way cheaper.

For more information of the regular Arnica remedy as well purchasing, click here.

Don’t get me wrong: the Arnica gel does work and it can definitely help. I just know that you can get more out of the pellets than the gel.
If you’d like, Boiron also sells the Arnica gel along with the Arnica pellets in a single, cost efficient pack. This is great, since if one of the Arnica products doesn’t work, you
can try the other.

You definitely won’t need to worry about any injuries or the like with this combo pack.

For more information about this type of Arnica product, click on the image of the right.


I hope you found this article to be interesting and informative.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to simply leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’d like to see more details about Arnica and its uses, click here

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  1. RachelLouise56
    January 5, 2016 | 1:04 pm

    This Arnica gel sounds like a great option, and although not entirely homeopathic, sounds like it may be the best option for some. Like you said, I think it is best to stick with the regular remedy. One thing I didn’t know was how important potency was in this particular product. I’m guessing that’s something not many people think about, so it is great that you brought that to the forefront in your review. Well done.

    • Ariel Baradarian
      January 5, 2016 | 5:44 pm

      Hey Rachel,

      I’m glad that you found this article to be of benefit to you especially in regards to potency.

      Although it may not necessarily prevent healing, potency is important in terms of enabling the remedy to inspire resonant healing in a person. As long as a remedy matches a person’s vitality, it will do it’s job.

      And today, this is part of the problem of homeopathic users. They pick products that claim to be homeopathy yet many of these products did not act according to homeopathic principles either partly or at all. They may be of benefit but it’s misleading to call them homeopathic.

      Thanks for reading!


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