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Clinical Trials Say Yes To Homeopathy For Insomnia

26.8.2015 | 15:41 | Read article

Recently, I introduced effective Homeopathic remedies for sleep problems, including insomnia. The remedies I suggested based on my research and training include Cocculus, Caffea Cruda,…


Succussion in Homeopathy

17.8.2015 | 13:35 | Read article

In one of my first articles, What Is Homeopathy?, I very briefly touched upon the process of succession, which is used to potentize substances into…


Research Clears Doubts on Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety

14.7.2015 | 18:50 | Read article

I have to admit. While investigating studies that either support or deny Homeopathy’s ability to treat acute anxiety, it was very difficult to find clinically valid…