The teen years introduce many new experiences, such as skin care and beauty products. From cleansers and pimple cream to tanners and sunscreen, most of us have tried them all. And we continue to encounter new products.

We all want to feel attractive, and beauty products help us enjoy younger, healthier skin. From spot treatments to anti-aging serums, there is something for everyone.

Yet, most beauty products contain chemicals that are damaging to your skin. Organic skin care products are healthier than chemical-based ones. Here are four beauty products to replace with natural alternatives.

Swap Your Moisturizer for Essential Oils

Replace your current moisturizer with essential oils. Choose a nice, earthy blend. One favorite mixes avocado and apricot kernel oils with cedar and lavender. It is the perfect treatment for all skin types.

Essential oils hydrate and nourish your skin as they soothe and energize you. This natural alternative to moisturizer also protects you from environmental toxins.

Swap Your Exfoliant for a Coffee Scrub

Do you exfoliate your skin? Exfoliation removes dead skin cells to improve skin tone and texture. It makes your skin feel baby soft.

There are two types of exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation uses acids or enzymes to remove dead cells. Physical exfoliation is the manual removal of dead cells with granules or seed scrubs.

For a natural alternative, try a coffee scrub. The vegan ingredients cleanse away flaky skin. And the caffeine is a bonus; it wakes you from the outside.

Swap Your Eye Cream for CBD Cream

Eye cream moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes. It is thicker than other moisturizers, but the chemical ingredients are harsh. Fortunately, there is a natural alternative.

Anti-Aging CBD Eye Cream is a soothing way to erase fine lines and wrinkles. The natural ingredients – green tea and hemp CBD – reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Swap Your Soap for Hand-Made Soap

Soap is an essential skin care product, but your brand may have toxic ingredients. For healthier skin, replace your soap with a natural, hand-made version.

Vegan soaps make the skin soft and smooth. They have no chemicals, additives or artificial colorants. Their scents and colors come from essential oils and natural colorants.

Are you making the switch to organic beauty products? Consider these suggestions, but don’t stop there. For every chemical-based product in your bathroom, there is a natural alternative. Best of health as you dive into a natural beauty routine.

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