Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It’s so important to take great care of it. The skin also can be an indicator of what’s happening within your body. As you continue to progress in age, you’ll want to develop a skin care routine that will preserve and maintain your beauty. If you’re not sure how to revitalize your skin and look as youthful as possible, consider the following tips.

Use retinols and serums

When you’re using anti-aging products on your skin, focus on products that contain retinols. Retinols are produced from Vitamin A. It’s also good to use Vitamin C serums on the skin. For a youthful glow, it’s wise to speed up the cell turnover process. Applying these types of products will help you increase the cell turnover rate. When you’re using retinols and serums, be mindful to use the right ones at certain times of the day. The sun and Vitamin C can react negatively with one another, so you might want to hold the Vitamin C serum for a nighttime application.

Wear SPF daily

Even on a cloudy day, the sun is still an incredibly powerful force. Knowing this, you’ll want to apply sunscreen to your face on a daily basis. While you don’t need to wear it when you’re preparing for bed, you need to include in your morning routine before you leave the house. SPF will help your skin maintain youthfulness while protecting you from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Regularly visit a skincare professional

The right skin care professional can help you curate a regimen that will work effectively for your skin issues. If you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation, acne or rosacea, your esthetician will provide treatments to alleviate the problems. If you want to experience a revitalized glow, consider stem cell services from a medical professional.

Consume more water

People underestimate the power of water. In addition to drinking lots of water on a daily basis, it’s also great to eat lots of water-rich foods like watermelon and cucumbers. You can include cubed watermelon as a lovely snack . You can add cucumbers to a large dinner salad.

Maintain a high level of consistency. Before bed, make sure to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the skin. Drink lots of water, eat the right foods and sleep on a clean pillow. Visit your dermatologist to make sure you’re doing the right steps to maintain beautiful skin as well. Don’t forget to be gentle. When you treat your skin like a gentle baby, it’ll thrive.

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