You need to take care of your skin to ensure it is healthy and robust for it to function normally. There are vital functions that the skin plays in your body, which includes temperature regulation and protection of inner organs from external injuries, to mention a few. A proper diet is necessary to keep your skin healthy, and in this article, you will know the essential nutrients you need to maintain healthy skin. Read on.


Omega-3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is not made by the body; therefore, you must obtain it from the diet. The omega-3 fatty acid can be obtained in the diet from fatty fish such as salmon. The nutrient is essential for your skin’s health. Omega-3 in the body is necessary for inhibiting carcinogenic chemicals that are potential causative agents of skin cancer and minimize inflammation. Also, it keeps the skin thick and reduces skin sensitivity to Ultra Violet rays.


The primary source of collagen in the body is vitamin C. Collagen is vital to the skin because it is a structural protein that maintains the shape cells, thus ensuring the skin is sturdy and robust. This is an essential nutrient that minimizes wrinkles and drying of the skin.


Fruits and vegetables are essential foods for the body in terms of health. When it comes to dermatology, they are excellent vitamin E sources, a necessary antioxidant in the body. The antioxidant plays a role in limiting the oxidative damages that result from the sun and the surrounding. This keeps the wrinkles and drying of the skin at bay.

Beta Carotene

One of the essential nutrients that can help you maintain healthy and robust skin is beta carotene. The source of beta carotene is fruits such as oranges and vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes. The nutrient mimics the role of vitamin A in the body and can be converted to vitamin A. It is beneficial to the skin since it keeps the skin active and healthy by acting as a natural sunblock. Among other benefits or beta carotene includes prevention of sunburns, cell death, dry and wrinkled skin.

The answer to a healthier looking skin question is right in your diet. It is essential to note beneficial nutrients to your skin, sources, and the amount required in the body. Therefore, your skincare is right at the palm of your hands.

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