Perfume is a great way to brighten up your day. However, not all perfume brands are exactly the same. Let us take a very close look at seven natural perfume brands to try in 2020.

1. Skylar

To start things off, Skylar is an amazing perfume brand. They have a number of naturally scented perfumes that are great for any occasion. These scents include lavender, pine and rainforest. Skylar should be a priority if you are looking for a refreshing perfume that doesn’t fade away.


Next in line, PHLUR is a perfume brand that has recently seen a massive surge in popularity. Young women are turning to PHLUR due to its ease of use and convenience. At the same time, the perfume is highly effective from dawn to dusk. You may have seen commercials for PHLUR that emphasize the usability and beauty of the product.

3. Pour le Monde

In the grand scheme of things, Pour le Monde is another perfume brand that you should not overlook. They offer sample perfume sets so you can try out their products at a minimal cost. If you like what you see, you can buy larger sets that are more complete. Pour le Monde offers shipping to almost anywhere in the world no matter where you are located. It’s a perfume variety that encapsulates how less is often more when it comes to beauty products.

4. Lavanila

Lavanila has gone from a regular perfume brand to a brand known for its naturalness. Lavanila’s perfume is light on the skin and won’t weigh you down during the day. When you take a shower, it’s very easy to wash off if needed. Because this perfume is so light, you can reapply it without worry about clogging your pores.

5. By Rosie Jane

By Rosie Jane is one of the classiest perfume brands on this list. Experts are highly impressed by the natural scent and fragrance of these products. It is made from the most natural ingredients available, and you can rest assured that you’re putting nothing but organic substances on your skin.

6. Providence Perfume

Providence Perfume has also gone under the radar in recent years. This perfume is sold in miniature bottles that are amazing for travel or gifts. If you love experimentation, you’ll love the variety available among the small bottles of Providence Perfume. In 2020, this brand is a terrific complement to your other perfumes that you have been using for years.

7. One Seed

Last but not least, One Seed has made its name as a phenomenal perfume brand. These perfumes use extracts of seeds for a natural aura. Seeds and nuts are two of the most amazing bases for perfume, and One Seed has demonstrated that they are the future for beauty products.


When all is said and done, these are a couple of natural perfume brands to try in 2020. While you might default to a certain brand, use these options to expand your horizons. You’ll be exposed to more scents and fragrances than ever.

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